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    European eventing championships

    Love Sarah Bullimores little horse.
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    I know of two Wilkismoor horses. Both coloured cob types. One jumping BS very well and the other a very capable lovely horse.
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    How much?

    I think she could easily get £6/7k for him atm but could be anything in this market.
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    Towing up steep drive

    Are you sure your trailer and horse after only 1200, that seems on the light side? Is the car automatic or manual? Does it have 4WD?
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    Loss of use

    I paid for loss of use on a mare I bought. She was with a dealer who had just imported her from Holland and therefore no history. NFU paid out within a few months as she ended up being diagnosed with kissing spine. I only paid £3500 for her and got back £3k and ended up only paying 3 months...
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    FacePlant Selling - Am I missing a trick?

    This happens on Facebook - a lot……. are you listing the items as a group or individually? I find I don’t read the group adverts where people take one photo of about 20 items which is difficult to trawl through.
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    Turnout rugs with belly flap

    my mum had this rug got her horse and really rates it.
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    Recommend me a bridle?

    I moved from the Micklem for the same reason. I’m now using a Henry James bridle which you can choose the different components with a noseband as below as it fits similar to a Micklem. It works really well and the leather is better...
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    Burgundy red saddlepad on chestnut

    No i wouldn’t either, think it clashes too much unless maybe a dark chestnut. i had a beautiful bright chestnut horse and navy set his colour off very well and bright blue. But I am a blue lover !
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    Low BE entries - what’s up with that?

    there’s a good point to this. Bicton used to have a tiny course and it was hired all the time. Now there’s nothing below 90 and I’m not sure you can hire it anymore. It filters through up the amateur levels as if there’s nowhere to start and get the xc bug, then it’s difficult to progress...
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    Feed for weak 5 year old still growing..? Where to start

    Equi jewel is fabulous for conditioning.
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    Loss of use

    I have once but only because she was with a dealer and had just been imported, so no history. just as well I did as she was written off within 3 months 🙄 Normally I wouldn’t though.
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    New bridle recommendations

    Henry James is nice and also you can build your own.
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    Selling for the First Time :(

    I'm similar to you in that I view my horses as being with me for life. However, I recently sold a horse I had about 2 yrs as felt he needed someone who wanted to do less jumping/competitions. It was the best decision I made in a long while. I found someone fairly local who adores him and he...
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    BS - total confusion, please help.