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    are you a mare or gelding person?

    I am deffo a gleding person
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    Top Spec vs Blue Chip??

    I fed my horse it for years with fab results !! He even made it into the 'veteran' section of their brochure
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    I wonder how many people still have not got....

    I had one for my horse when they first came out, vet never asked for it once in all the years he was seen ( he was operated on once too ) I recently had him pts & thought i would have to send it somewhere but no , nothing Personally if i had just a hack & wasnt going competing ect i...
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    The Reason I Dislike Post & Rail

    OOh Ive just eaten a pepperoni pizza too !! That looks a good job, hope all goes well for the mare , at least the cold worked in your favour !!
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    RIP Sir Thomas

    R I P Sir Thomas free
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    BOSS Black Oil Sunflower Seed

    I used to feed mine ( as recommended on here ) Used to get sunflowers popping up all over the place
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    Having your horse pts

    I have held two whilst being pts with lethal injection ( one was my own ) I could never decide whether or not to have him shot or pts . had heard horror stories from pts cases. I held a pony i do whilst she was pts. IMO it was quick & dignified ( she still had a big gobful of grass , so it...
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    Girth rubs

    I used to have the same prob with my horse, old thin skinned & rubbed easily ( small lumps too on occasion ) Was recommended on here a Nuumed girth sleeve , worked a treat Ooops sorry just re read your post
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    Have the rules on here changed ?

    [ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] what was the cheap bedding? !! Please tell [/ QUOTE ] Odd question when one of the posts was yours [/ QUOTE ] LOL
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    Giving rugs to charity ?

    Thanks for that, will go and check out some of the more local ones, don't really think sending to a big one & them flogging them off cheap would be a good thing for her to do Just wanted to know if they would take rugs as a donation .
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    Giving rugs to charity ?

    I think she would quite happily wash / re proof them. Its a hassle to sell on e bay so think she wants just to give to some one less fortunate than herself/charity . Said I would ask on here for her. They are 5ft 3 ( i think )
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    Giving rugs to charity ?

    A friend of mine has recently had her pony pts She has 2 really nice newish stable rugs & 2 turnouts all nice condition. If she has them washed & re proofed is there anywhere that would take them for charity? Either that or she will have wash ect sell & give the money to a good...
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    Iggy lost his stablemate/ pair bond today

    Thanks everyone again . He was v quiet again today ( apart from when I rode him ) Didn't eat much hay and was 'looking' around today, He did make a fuss at feed time which he didn't do yesterday Lets hope he doesnt miss her too much
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    What's the most unusual thing you've seen out hacking??

    flashers , shaggers, men in cars having a 'tommy tank' all the ususal stuff you see when on the costal paths we ride on but the strangest thing Ive seen was after the January storms was a dead goat washed up with all the other stuff the storm had dumped on the shore!! How weird ??
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    3.40am - Just back from Rossdales - vibes needed please!!

    Fingers crossed for him and lots of vibes coming your way !