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  • Hi Lucy, thanks for the Berwick suggestion, I have never really done much xc schooling with Coen (he's now pretty much a field ornament) but I think it will really suit my mare as she is great at jumpcross and is naturally quick so seems to get less hett up with a bit more space.
    I know you used to do a bit with Guss so if you have any tips for first few times just let me know.
    I don't really have the option of going with a more experience horse unfortunately so guess it's either take her alone or join a clinic of other horses at the same level, not sure what's best!

    But how are you? And how did things end up with your mare I know you weren't having much luck hope everything worked out.

    Yes of course he has not been gelded yet, i only described as recently gelded as that is what he will be when he does go for sale which is what i was asking about. If you dont mind giving me your email address i can send you a pic if you like?
    To be honest he has always lived as a stallion in a stud yard but never covered anything, i will only be able tell you how he mixes once he is gelded and comes to me so i can see what he is like in a mixed herd.
    I wasnt expecting to see someone interested from the post it was just a musing as this will all have to happen over the next few weeks/ months. Whenever i have seen or handled him he hasnt displayed any stallion behaviour other than mouthyness but that is only ever playful and affectionate not nasty.
    Hi Farma; thought I would PM rather than public post. Given lots of thought to your Mum's Arab overnight and need lots of questions answered if thats ok?

    Can you let me have your email address and we can get in touch there to start with; and can you just clarify whether he has been gelded yet or not as this could possibly be an issue for me and him living with my other geldings - depends on how 'stallion' he is I suppose!

    HI you post saying you would recomend these instructors
    Shelley Brooks (prob my fave)
    Tracey Wright (BD Eastern)
    Mary Yiannolou (sp?)
    Adam Smythe
    Kim Ratcliffe
    Roland Tong

    Just wondering if you have any contact details for them.

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