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    Nightmare situation. Recurrent impaction/pelvic issues

    So sorry to read of his troubles. It sounds likely he fell when loose jumping - Would love to hear an update when you know more.
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    Planning permission question- building stables on agricultural land

    Yes this is what I have found
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    Planning permission question- building stables on agricultural land

    Thanks this is a good idea
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    Planning permission question- building stables on agricultural land

    Has anyone built stables on land classed as for agricultural use? I'm looking for guidance stating the rules regarding the change of use and when the planners do or don't allow change of use for equestrian purposes. It's quite hard to find out what the rules are! 🤔
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    Any ideas what this might have been?

    Choke? It looks very odd when they have choke
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    Weird one - horse vanishes under saddle on right side!

    Sounds like the hip is dropping which is hind limb lameness
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    Full lameness workup

    Heartbreaking, I'm so sorry. I'd recommend having a look at Tom Beech Facebook page for some information about rehabbing psd.
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    Challenge! tripping on fronts - at my wits end!

    This is really interesting; have you mostly worked him in hand or ridden? How often and how long each session? So glad he is doing well 😊
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    Christ lammfelle sheepskin bareback pads

    It's Sheepskin with 15mm shim inserts, quite thick, but doesn't slip because it has pockets that fit the pad, and slots that the girth straps pass through. There's pictures on the horse dreams website if you want to have a look
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    Christ lammfelle sheepskin bareback pads

    I've got the iberica model, it's lovely, very secure doesn't slip. I have the shimmed saddle pad which goes under it. I have stirrups attached for hacking but rarely use them. They are safety stirrups in case I ever got dragged (they attach to rings so couldn't slide off) Absolutely love mine...
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    Estimates for how big my two year old will end up?

    Sounds like he will be 16.2hh/ 17 hh
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    Rewiring & brakes ifor 510!?

    I had both done, rewiring was about £300, brakes was £400 for both sides
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    How to pronounce Loughehoe?

    It does, thank you 😊
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    Steroid induced laminitis-thoughts?

    Thank you for the update, it was very kind of you to take the time to post and it could well help someone in a similar situation one day. So sorry for your loss 😔
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    How to pronounce Loughehoe?

    Thanks everyone! I've just listened to an Irish commentator who pronounced it Loch - a - ho Sounds like it's either that, or Loch - ho