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    cheaper alternatives to haycube for field hay

    Are the horses in the field shod or not? If not, I made a ground slow feeder by adding a zip to a large Harry's Horze slow feeder net.
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    How to tidy up a cob (any videos?)

    I thin using thinning scissors (mane and tail). That way he still looks traditional, but it's a lot easier to manage. Tail is banged about 4 inches below the hock. Thinned from underneath (it still looks full!) and at the top either side. For the mane I brush it all to the wrong side and take...
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    A bit of a WWYD?

    I would buy a gate for the shelter and use it for your own storage/stable, paying your dad off in instalments. As others have pointed out, a 12 x 10 shelter is useless for 6 ponies. My two shelters are this size and my cob (15 hh) and Exmoor (12.1 hh) just about squeeze in one side, but they are...
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    I really need some help

    Agree that saddle sounds like it doesn't fit. Tight around shoulders but lifting at back makes me think too wide, especially if he's had it a few years (has it been reflocked in that time?), as older horses will start to lose muscle in that area (happened to my pony in his 20s). When not...
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    barefoot. New hoof boots

    I have a pair of Galoppers and they do come off at anything above walk for me, but my boy has a stupid amount of feather, so it's hard to get them fastened correctly. They're the reason I went for the Fusion Active - they go over the feather and it takes a lot to get them off (I never lost one...
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    barefoot. New hoof boots

    To be fair, I think you're right to be wary. When they're not a perfect fit, they can cause tripping and stumbling. I don't have a problem with velcro per se, but hate the loops. I find them really fiddly if I have cold fingers. Fortunately my cob very rarely needs boots, now, but if I were...
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    Pictures Is my mare in foal? No one knows...

    Yeah, I'm going to go with pregnant. Her vulva is noticeably slacker on the right hand pic and the teats are starting to point down. Going off PF's pics above, I'd say you've got 3-4 weeks, but I'm not an egg spurt.
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    Sciatica advice/help

    Physios are allowed to work, so do see one. I used to struggle with sciatica for years. What sorted it was cross training. Yoga, swimming (I know you can't do that at the moment!) and running.
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    Rats and Mice 😡

    This isn't true. I have no idea where the idea comes from, but I know of many chicken people who have read it and tried it, with the result that they ended up with fat rats. Perhaps in high doses it is toxic, but dose makes the poison.
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    Normal unbooked access to livery yards when will it return ?

    Absolutely no restrictions on our yard. There never have been. We have a book in place with all the contact details and likes/dislikes relating to each horse in case one of us goes down with it, but thankfully haven't needed it, yet. We are on an old farm, though, so plenty of room.
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    Poor little shetland living all alone:(

    Do you know them well enough to suggest loaning a companion from a charity? I took on a shetland that was living alone for years, but at the time I had the grazing to. I definitely would not print things and put them through the door. Worst course of action in my opinion.
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    Pink nose in summer

    Depends if they have shelter or shade. My cob is pink skinned and I expected to have to sun cream his muzzle, but I've had two summers with him and he really hasn't needed it! I do have shaded areas in the field and a field shelter, though.
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    Would you buy another horse after your current horse is Pts

    Not sure. I'm finding winters really hard these days and my job is permanently temporary (contracts). If I get a permanent job, maybe. If not, probably no, as I find it stressful constantly thinking three years ahead!
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    Frozen carrots?

    I put them in the feeds whole, with the logic that they will thaw them out as they snuffle round them (my cob leaves them until last). I'm trying to use them up before they thaw, as they'll be slimy and disgusting then.
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    Another Turn out rant...

    Sweeping up salt to put down birdseed is nuts. I feed the birds at my yard, but I have hanging feeders and the only thing that goes on the ground is mealworms. No consolation I guess, but mine didn't even move from the shelter for 4 days when the snow hit last week. I'm mucking out twice a day...