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    Progressive Earth Pro-Hoof Balancer

    Not desperate - got 27kg of the stuff arriving tomorrow! Pikachu - I'm Dun collecting it will be less hassle for you I'm sure :) But thank you very much for offering it up :)
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    Progressive Earth Pro-Hoof Balancer

    If the alternative is it going on the muck heap I'll take it off your hands and pay the postage if there isn't somebody more local :)
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    Anyone want a thread for the Olympic dressage live?

    This one is really lovely to watch.
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    Equibiome foods ingredients

    I’ll have a look on the back of “6” in the morning 😊
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    Scrambling in trailer- where to start?

    He will honestly be find on the left hand side. A friend of mine travelled her horse all over the country on the left because he couldn’t stand up in the right 😊
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    Olympic Eventing Team - Last minute change

    It looks like the owners made the decision not to send the horse if he wasn't going to actually run, but the BEF kept it quiet in case one of the others pulled out before they flew :)
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    Trackers for Dogs

    I have a PawFit which I’ve been pleased with. I think it does everything you’ve asked for. It’s survived swimming and bashing through the undergrowth. Stays charged for about 6 days and does let you know when they’ve left a perimeter. My only quibble is that it sends a location update every...
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    WWYD - magensium levels?

    My understanding is that if they have too much Magnesium they will get a bit loose, so you can feed it to that point and then reduce. Mine are on Pro Hoof and are getting an additional 10ml of Mag Ox a day. One didn’t tolerate that quantity when he wasn’t on good grass. But does now 😊
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    Pictures Producing 5/6yr olds

    It looks like there’s been a lot of growth spurts going on! Pod has just levelled back up again having gone an inch higher at the bum a month or so ago. And so we haven’t been doing anything mega exciting. Just quietly working away on forwardness, suppleness and building his core strength...
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    Level 5 accredited diploma in equine podiatry

    I have applied for and been accepted onto this new intake for the Level 5 Accredited Qualification. It is a huge step forward for there to be an alternative accredited Hoofcare Profession and hopefully it will help to drive forward positive change. I've ended up applying for it, having taken my...
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    Does everyone compete?

    I enjoy competing. But I'm finding more and more that I enjoy it as part of the process of producing horses. My young horse will be going out competing fairly regularly once I'm happy that he's ready for it. As that's the stage he's at. We will be doing a bit of everything. The established...
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    'Phytaline' (sp?) nutritional supplement?

    I suspect you mean this one :)
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    Weekend Plans :)

    A brilliant friend came up to visit so the horses and I have been showing her some of our wonderful local countryside. We went for a whoop and gallop round the woods on Friday evening. Got absolutely drenched. But there’s something incredibly good for the mind about cantering round the woods...
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    Horsey Friendships

    Mine definitely form close friendships and they do remember ‘friends’ they haven’t seen in ages. Mickey is one of life’s friendly guys, but he has friends that are closer than others. He and Solo are best friends and have been since Solo came as a three year old. They’d happily share a stable...
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    Early july weekend plans

    Side Saddle Prep day for Nationals today. Running through our Intermediate Equitation Test with the brilliant Area 12. Solo was super as always. We’re both happy with the saddle set up and we’ve been given lots of interesting tips.