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    Reassurance please...

    There will always be people who wouldn't consider pts even if the poor horse would like to book itself in. Ignore them, you know your horse and clearly love her too much to want her to suffer. Look after yourself too and avoid the people who will make it tougher for you.
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    Selling horses on Facebook - opinions

    When we sold all the nightmare enquiries and fantasists were via Facebook. We gave up with those after about 5 weeks, advertised in H&H and found a lovely buyer at asking price in a couple of days
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    Cross Country Thread!

    We gave up walking round the course as there were huge gaps by the time we got to the flyover and went back to the malting & trout hatchery for the afternoon. There was a lot of really hairy riding at the Maltings, especially in the morning when everyone we saw tried the direct route. A few...
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    Yard hopper

    I could have been taken for one a few years back. I had been at a yard 4 years when it changed hands. New owners were horrid and everyone left on the same day! The others were renting a yard together but the location didn't work for me so I went to a friends field while I looked. There for a...
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    Unrealistic pricing - horses for sale

    I don't see why a coloured cob should be bargain basement if it's well put together and properly schooled.
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    Attempted theft - horse drugged and killed

    Fairly local to me too. It does sound very strange. Still heartbreaking for the owners but it doesn't sound like a random event.
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    Is horse insurance changing?

    The more horses you have the more likely it is that you will benefit from saving and not insuring. But if you have a period of bad luck like I did in a 13 month period ( atypical myopathy 2 horses, strangles 2 horses and septic bursitis) not doing so could leave you with a £15k bill.
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    planning question re stables

    Don't hold your breath if you report though. In 2013 someone local to us got planning permission to build a garage & store, he built a house right on the border of a neighbouring farmers arable field so impact on spraying etc. He had already converted an outbuilding to a house. There were...
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    Anyone else praying for rain

    We've already got cracks you could lose a shetland down.
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    Long term bute/Danilon?

    We had a pony on long term bite, mid 20 when he started. He was ridden lightly for a couple of years until we didn't have a rider. He spent a couple of years retired before he struggled on hard summer ground even upping the dose. The bute never caused a problem.
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    Hyperkeratosis / Mallanders

    I've found a little daily linseed helps. I use one of the 50ml scoops you get with supplements heaped. I oil weekly with a mix of pig oil and neem oil. I add sulphur if the skin isn't broken, having felt how it stings when my hand was scratched I understand my horses objection to it.
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    Thoughts on PTS

    I've been with someone elses put down by knackerman/hunt and been with mine when they have either been shot or injected by the vet. TBH it depends entirely on how you feel. I wouldn't have mine done by hunt/knacker man simply because the body is taken straight away and for me it's just...
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    Summer hi-viz

    My horse is a bit of a hot bod so unless its sub zero even mesh sheets make him sweat. I use tail streamers but have to leave them off when I hack out with one horse at the yard. They don't bother mine even on windy days.
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    Extremely worried - very sudden total lameness

    Are there any sycamore trees?
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    Find Karl Greenwood on Face bookman get his (very cheap) book. He runs a Rider Confidence course as well that is very good. Reading his stuff has helped me change my mindset from "I'm a nervous rider" to "I'm a rider who gets nervous in certain situations (which are decreasing) but I have a...