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    Good bye Pete

    So sorry, what a beautiful horse x
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    Ground poles 😠

    As above. I echo that any rehab to bring back in to work is normally all done out and in straight lines (the old fashioned way!) and it works. I absolutely wouldn’t be doing circles of any sort in the school.
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    Thoughts on these Hooves

    Yes I agree that the toe’s possibly been too long and that’s gradually getting brought back. That would certainly answer the tripping problems and marry up with the under run heel.
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    Ground poles 😠

    It just sounds a heck of a lot for him to go through and to be expected to return to normal work. I know you’re doing it gradually with ground work but if it’s all been done within the last few months he’s bound to not be quite right. Has he seen a chiropractor, masseuse etc etc? These are all...
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    Ground poles 😠

    Are you sure he’s not sore?
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    Thoughts on these Hooves

    I would actually say too that he has a bit of an imbalance especially on the off fore.
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    Thoughts on these Hooves

    The heels are contracted which is not really what you want. However he’s not overly long at the toe which is good.
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    Thanking others when out hacking

    I’ve always waved or verbally thanked people for slowing or pulling over. I’ve been out with others though who don’t say or acknowledge anything. However recently I find myself actually not smiling or waving but instead giving a growler for driving to close or a mouthful if they can hear me...
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    Tortoise found in a cardboard box

    Omg this riles my blood. In this day and age and with the power of social media I’m sure someone would have taken him in. Absolutely no need for that. Poor wee soul
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    Should we be worried? Slightly silly question, sorry!

    It just looks like a very very big lump of grot from the sheath. My guy is pink skinned and his Yukky stuff is that colour. He’s never had a bit that long before though. I’d say it’s normal, just looks like he could do with a clean, probably longer as it had the straw up there too!
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    Le Mieux fly mask

    Yes very strange. I bought a medium for my 14hh and it didn’t even meet the Velcro at the other side!
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    Ride on fly rug

    The zebra Busse one is fab, not a fly on is the whole time.
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    I just don't know what to say - please help.

    Just say after being on the lunge x y and z happened and I think he is possibly slightly lame or off. Be very careful they don’t blame you though! Make sure you add something like ‘ I was asked’ or like ‘tonight when you asked me to lunge...’
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    Rain scald in august ?

    Demoline medicated shampoo is great stuff for it and only costs about £7/8. Mine got it once while I was away for the week. He had a rainsheet on the day I left as it was chucking it down and they never took it off him for the next few days when it was sunny 🤯 the rain was so bad it went through...
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    Hairy cob - clip now?

    For me personally it depends on the horse. I wouldn’t fully clip it if it was then going to be out in the rain with no shelter. But then depends how quick it grows the hair back. No point clipping out if you need to rug. But then again if it’s standing sweating doing nothing then yes I’d clip.