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    Le Mieux Pads

    I think what entices me to them is how well they wash up. They come out of the wash as new and dry quickly. The suede ones that is. I bought the bluebell one last week, done cross country in it in the pouring rain and it dried really quickly and the hairs hoovered off it very easily.
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    Horses in your life without riding commitment conundrum

    I think this has been suggested above but what about rehoming from a charity? There are lots out there that are companions only and would be grateful for the kind of home you could give them. There's also youngsters at these types of places too who may be suitable to break in in the future if...
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    Fly bite or something else

    It looks more like he’s came into contact with something and reacted, doesn’t look like a fly bite. As long as it doesn’t spread it should be fine.
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    Le Mieux Pads

    Well after saying I only needed three, which realistically that is all I need, I'm now desperate to get the Bluebell colour. Looks lovely! Which would then bring my collection to five.... :D So far have Plum, Corn Blue, Lavendar(my favourite) and Blush Pink.
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    Fly spray…. Is it me?!

    I'm probably going to jinx it but I think we've been quite lucky this year. We're using a new spray called neddy fly spray I think it is. Smells lovely. We also use the citronella tags- one on the bridle and one on the saddle. Not had to use this year yet but when it gets really bad we use the...
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    Which bedding would your horse choose?

    Delighted to hear this. That's put my mind at rest now. I always use a lot of bedding. Interesting to hear that about wood pellets, I have a good 4-6 inch deep bed but I know others that just use a scattering. When I was on straw, I made it very deep with high bankings. My idea this time...
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    Which bedding would your horse choose?

    Purely for a bit of fun and curiosity! Currently on wood pellets but looks like I may have to go back to straw due to rising costs. However I'm not so sure my horse was a fan of straw. His favourite bedding is shavings- when topping up he'll help open the bale and then paw it and sometimes...
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    Anyone tow with an estate car?

    I used to but only one pony and a single trailer. It was absolutely fine if you only go venue to venue, ie tarmaced roads but any tracks with a bit of rubble and an incline you will put extra strain on the car which will over time, cause you problems. Or if fairly steep you may lose traction...
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    Weigh-taping: didn't realise how inaccurate this was!

    Mine is 100kg off. Which is quite good as I know just to add on 100kg to be in a rough idea of actual weight. We managed to work it out through a series of visits to the vet and taping at the same time.
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    Cushing owners

    Mine doesn’t have cushings yet *touches wood* but will be due for annual bloods in august. He was fully clipped in the winter and quite clearly shed his winter clipped coat- tiny hairs everywhere around march. Grew in a ‘normal coat’ and looks fine but he’s shedding now?! Is that also a symptom...
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    Blair Castle Horse Trials

    I've always driven up but a friend takes the train. I think it's roughly about 2 hours, you may have to change at Stirling or Perth but I'm sure you'll get that information before you book.
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    Pollen allergy?

    I can't remember, I've not used it this year yet. My guy eats it fine although he's not overly fussy with things. He won't touch danilon or anti biotics though, he'll eat P45 and devils relief which I find quite strong.
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    Pollen allergy?

    I’ve just read quickly at breakfast, global herbs pollenx liquid is good, i use it along side fly mask and a nose net when riding. It may be that your guy requires anti histamines though.
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    grazing muzzle wearing down front teeth

    I have no answer to how they can be worn down, my gelding has had his for 2 years and there’s no wear in it whatsoever. I think they’re fab. Mine got rubbed raw in shires and my friend’s mare got rubbed raw in a greenguard. Most of my yard have the thinline and no one has got rubbed at all, if...
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    Vintage Rice Trailer Help

    Love that photo, that's amazing.