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    SJ Report (Pics & Vid)

    What a lovely round, is she one of yours or are you bringing her on for someone? She looks nice, do you know her breeding?
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    A Bramham CIC*** report (warning...long!)

    What an exciting thread, well done to both of you
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    So, I think Monty's Advanced debut deserves a post of its own!

    Superb! You are an inspiration :-)
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    My baby horse won her first test with 74%!

    Brilliant! Loss of video means you have to go again ;-) please can we have a report about your Ruth Edge lesson?
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    (or, more accurately, not doing much Eventing)

    Brilliant, as ever ! :-)
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    Thoughts on my new 4yo (videos)?

    Hello S, I can't get the videos to play at the moment but from the stills she looks lovely. I am sure you will make good progress once you feel more confident in her. Congratulations on the baby and what a shame about Badger, I remember your fearless hunting pictures, he was a superstar.
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    Update & lesson report!

    Love him, lesson sounded really interesting, hope you get the chance to compete soon.
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    ADVICE REQUIRED: Stables in/near South London

    What about Wimbledon village stables? Excellent reputation, very nice horses and a good social scene too.
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    Change over 2 1/2 years

    She looks great, 10 years younger! Can you care for me too? :-)
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    Dressage: Loss of a friend

    That is very sad news. I knew of her reputation as an extremely capable and sympathetic rider, with a real talent with young horses. What a shock, thinking of her friends and family at this distressing time.
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    The orange one gets a win! Rackham BE100

    Loved the blog, you are sounding really positive and confident, excellent report!
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    Anyone want a ride XC on my super cob?

    Brilliant, love your cob , love the neck strap ( that's how I did all my hunting! ) lovely course.....why does the video say " last one ever " it would be such a shame to lose a great venue like that.
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    Couple of updates (and some tempi changes!)

    Brilliant results, you are both stars! Love the blog, please keep it up, I am looking for updates before you have had a chance to do a comp these days ( not brave enough myself, but love reading about others exploits)
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    A day of twos - County showing report!

    Excellent report, we have missed the lovely boy, love the pics with donkeys and snoozing. Are you qualified now ( so more competing time?)