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    mum/daughter share horse

    I am horse hunting soon, as my main horse is now retired, and I want to get a horse that my little one can ride as well as myself if she shows an interest later on as she is only 15 months at the moment (but not a wasted purchase if she doesn't!). However, I am 6ft and daughter is obviously too...
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    heart failure in horses

    Has anyone had experience with their horse heading towards/having heart failure?
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    Atrial fibrillation

    did he have lone AFib? or a related heart condition too?
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    Atrial fibrillation

    is he at increased risk for collapse in the field? this is what I'm trying to figure out with my lad
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    Atrial fibrillation

    interesting food for thought, thanks :)
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    Atrial fibrillation

    was this the transvenous electrical cardioversion one?
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    Atrial fibrillation

    oh gosh it must have been horrible to see the heart attacks!
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    Atrial fibrillation

    Does anyone have experience of owning a horse with atrial fibrillation? My horse has recently been diagnosed.
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    new baby and horse in the winter

    thank you!
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    Rugless in this cold rain - have I ruined it all now?

    my old boy was rugged today and also yesterday as he is a poor doer with arthritis, but the two fatties were left out unrugged and have not shrunk today :D
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    new baby and horse in the winter

    Thanks everyone, I am dreading trying to coordinate the ponies and the baby!!
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    new baby and horse in the winter

    I am currently pregnant and am due in the midst of winter, when mucking out and haynet filling will be in peak demand....No option to leave out 24/7 for the worst of winter due to yard rules. Has anyone hacked how to juggle a newborn baby and looking after a horse?!
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    does anyone work with horses who is allergic?

    Question in the title really! I am looking at different opportunities to further my equine experience but I'm actually allergic to horses...has anyone worked with horses whilst allergic and built up a tolerance/found ways to cope? I'm not allergic to my own horses anymore, except for when they shed.
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    best hat for back of head/neck protection

    can anyone recommend a hat that is particularly good at protecting the top of the neck/back of the head? Freak previous injury means I must protect it - currently have a charles owen AYR but too little cover for my liking and doesn't quite cover that part!