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    Body protectors… who wears them

    Me! Always ride in my air jacket these days ☺
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    Tying horse in trailer with no partition

    Not a bad thing to overthink it, but I'd definitely crosstie.
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    Trailer Insurance

    Thank you for the replies, unfortunately, my accident prone horse had so many exclusions on his policy that I didnt renew the insurance policy. The Harry Hall looks good but maximum value of trailer is £5k and my new one was a fair bit more than that. I think I will phone around tomorrow...
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    Trailer Insurance

    Having just bought a new trailer, I decided to insure it just in case, I haven't done this before. Does anyone have any recommendations on best company to use? I just went on one site that quoted £350 and was a bit shocked tbh!! (Am I really that out of date lol?)
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    I'm going to have to do it (Rambo rug)

    I remember my 5 year old son letting the cat out of the bag by saying I had gone to the horse shop and bought a very very expensive rug, it was the Rambo purple turnout with neck. Such a good buy, it's still in use, has never leaked in monsoon conditions, and same son is 30 this year!!
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    Wind/gut problems

    Many thanks for the replies. I dont have a horsewalker but could lunge before riding, i will definitely try that, as well as getting some charcoal and pink powder. Yes, Red 1, she hasnt had any turnout on grass for months, and I was introducing it gradually, she was only turned out for an hour...
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    Wind/gut problems

    My horse has been on box rest for a while and is now sound and going well. However, on the days when she is ridden after having been out at grass for a short time, she is definitely gassy and uncomfortable when ridden. Easier after passing copious amounts of gas! Any suggestions please?
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    Acavallo Gel pads/pad to stop saddle moving

    It was the actual skin! I havent seen anyone else with this problem, will have a look at those, thank you!
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    Acavallo Gel pads/pad to stop saddle moving

    Thank you, I am waiting for the WOW saddlefitter to come and put some air in it, at present I am using a wither pad and it's well balanced, will have a look at the limpet too :-)
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    Acavallo Gel pads/pad to stop saddle moving

    Can anyone recommend a thin pad that would stop my saddle slipping forward (a temporary measure as horse has lost weight and awaiting fitter). I tried the Acavallo gel pad but it left little suction-type dots all over my horse's back where the air had pulled through? If I put in between saddle...
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    falling out through shoulder on left rein

    Yes, I really have to focus on not pulling inside rein, mine is a v green rising 5 year old so not easy!
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    falling out through shoulder on left rein

    I am having this same problem at the moment, so glad to read I am not alone!! Will also try these exercises, such a great forum for this type of thing :-)
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    Steroid injections & laminitis - the risk?

    I lost my much loved mare 12 months ago due to steroid induced laminitis. The Vet had injected her hocks due to arthritis and had said the risk was small. She was also a good doer (and had also come out in hives a few months before). In hindsight, I don't think I would take the risk. It...
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    Dressage report - a good day for the cart horse

    Well done, sounds like a fab day! Lovely to read.
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    Youngster putting head under trailer breast bar....

    I'm afraid I am one of those people whose horse got head under front bar of my IW trailer last year, then I braked and horse slid under the bar and tried to stand up. It was the most frightening 10 minutes of my life and I would not want to go through that again. I now cross tie horse.