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    I'm having him!

    I hope you have years & years of happy times ahead of you! What a sweet face he has & as for his conformation, blimey, I've seen MUCH worse than that! He looks a nice sort & he sounds a lot of fun! Don't forget to keep us posted & keep those piccies coming!
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    Can you put red on a chestnut?

    [ QUOTE ] Hmm that does actually look very cool! [/ QUOTE ] Not for the wallflower types obviously but hey, who wants to be a wallflower? If you've got it.......flaunt it! lol
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    Can you put red on a chestnut?

    As in so.......! Snazzy or what?
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    Can you put red on a chestnut?

    I would say go for it, definitely, especially on a bright chestnut! I think it looks great!
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    When you loan out your horse/pony.......

    As reasonably experienced 'loanees' of ponies, we have done both, i.e. taken out the insurance & paid for it ourselves & also, left it in the hands of the (reliable!) owners. I prefer the former though & have also made sure that MD is insured in her own right on a rider policy.
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    Any ideas???

    Years ago, one of our Border Collie bitches ended up with a singleton pup after an emergency Caesarian (he was the only one in there as it happened though! lol) We carried him everywhere from a very young age, took him to dog club (sat him on a towel on a table) & perhaps spent more time...
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    Does anybody have..?

    Girls have several of the 4-in-1 type, in various colours, to match whatever else thy're wearing! lol Very useful says MD, who is one of these feeble types that literally cease functioning if the temperature drops below +5! Wears it all the time in chilly/cold weather, swapping from full-on...
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    Horses and the food chain.

    [ QUOTE ] I thought burgers in general were made from cow's anus, eyelids etc...not horses? S [/ QUOTE ] Well, yes they are usually but I still don't want to take the chance!
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    Horses and the food chain.

    When LBO pops his clogs, the hounds can have him but I don't want him ending up in the equivalent of a Maccy D or something!"
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    Which breeds of dogs do "you" class as "vicious", untrustworthy???

    Most of the guarding breeds if bred by ignorant or backstreet breeders from poor stock with little or no regard for temperament, i.e. GSD's, Rotties etc. (Or 'over bold' dogs that won't back down no matter what, often of imported stock - fine for Ringsport types or if your name's Mick Martin but...
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    Favourite poem

    This has always been my favourite doggy poem: THE POWER OF THE DOG by Rudyard Kipling THERE is sorrow enough in the natural way From men and women to fill our day; And when we are certain of sorrow in store, Why do we always arrange for more? Brothers and sisters, I bid you beware Of...
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    Anyone do flyball?

    I don't think I have any flyball pics sadly as it was only a bit of 'light relief' for her really! (She was phenomenally fast though & always knew exactly where to pass to the millisecond & would totally lose her rag with any dog that messed up the run or got in her way - typical 'only...
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    Anyone do flyball?

    I know what you mean blackeventer - flyball is not something I would want to do in isolation! We competeed fairly seriously at agility & the manic fun of flyball was my for my collie, the equivalent of going to a rave! lol (I definitely wouldn't want to do it full time but as a bit of fun or...
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    Anyone do flyball?

    And I think Stella would make an A1 flyball dog - she has every quality & attribute needed to be first rate!
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    Anyone do flyball?

    My old collie was a '4 second' flyball dog - i.e. she could make the entire run, there & back in a 4 something second time! Years after she stopped doing it, you could say to her 'go to your place' & she would go & stand by 'her' spot by the 'H' at the riding school where we...