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    Advice please -young warmblood severe arthritis lower neck

    Before you decide anything it may be worth getting in touch with the osteopathic vet, he was our last try and it has worked really well. Find him on Facebook
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    New horse, new yard

    I very much favour the get on and get on with it school of getting used to new horses. I have always hacked out as soon as possible by my self but obviously with phone etc and with others knowing where. I want to do it without the benefit of others advice, to date with 7 previous and my...
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    Regumate or marble

    We did, back check, physio, new saddle and then Regumate with great success so far this season. Keeping marble / ovarian treatment until later
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    Would you query this vet fee?

    As an uninsured owner this would have cost me £45 call out plus charge for treatment and drugs so seems very reasonable to me.
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    When to pay?

    With my last purchase, Drove 4 hrs to try on the Thursday, left a cash £100 deposit with receipt, then collected Sat 4hrs there and 6 hrs back with horse and trailer! Husband BAC'd payment on the Sat
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    Cash Withdrawal limit

    The last 2 horses I have bought I have paid by BACs. I was there ready to collect and husband paid, I then took horse home
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    Would you buy a horse un vetted?

    Yes of the 9 horses I have bought only had 1 vetted and all were fine.
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    Nose Nets

    The le mieux ones work on a wide cob noseband, I have just bought one of the equilibrium riding face masks and it is fab and actually working. Also started Hilton herbs shake no more gold which also seems to help
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    Passport - deceased horse

    It is a legal requirement but if you send a note and a self addressed envelope to any of the passport issuers they send it back.
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    The last few days..

    Like a lot of owners I have had to make both a planned and an emergency decision to pts. In an emergency even if you are not here (I was on holiday) you just have to react to make the best decision you can in awful circumstances. I hate the planned decision and the waiting feeling like your...
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    enough or not enough

    They've look good to me and I agree with those who say they should be a bit lean going into spring grasing
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    I rode in spurs for a long time then when I had very reactive TBs and a very hot off the leg cob didn't. I have had to downsize as a result of injury and now have a very nice cob who wasn't well schooled when I got him and needed to learn a definite aid, I am now back in ball / roller spurs and...
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    The fate of the Unrideable

    I have always kept my horses until their end with the exception of 1. I see him every day as still on out yard and sold for£1. I will always know where he goes? It is my belief that there are much worse things that happen to horses than being pts
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    Persistent rug rubs

    I have used a variety of bibs and vests and found the weatherbeeter the best for a very thin skinned boy. Also covered all breast girths, girths and breastplates in real sheepskin covers, head collar metal bits I taped as they also rubbed when traveling
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    At Home Treatments for DDFT Damage (MicroCurrent, Magnets etc)

    This is a very interesting thread I have never insured my horses and always go on age, symptoms etc when deciding course of action. I had an older cob who vet felt post X-ray had done this who when turned away on very small paddock on vets advice didn't improve and had to be PST. Second horse...