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    Bramham horse trials accident

    The grade C showjumping course seemed particularly challenging today too. I can’t remember ever seeing so many runouts or faults, and we go every year. The courses seem to have been particularly challenging despite looking innocuous enough to those spectating.
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    Is this a red flag in a youngster?

    I agree to an extent, but it’s definitely not the case for all ex-racers. Mine was still going strong at nearly 20 when I lost her to a field accident, and she was in full work with nothing untoward. Admittedly, that makes her one of the lucky ones, but I think she’d have had years of ridden...
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    I need to break the news

    I think that, in life and where these kinds of decisions are involved, not everyone will be in agreement with us. We should never vilify someone who feels differently, but it can make the decision much harder. When it came to making the decision for Six, I had one family member who found it...
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    Pictures Flower turns five...

    I honestly feel like I’ve blinked and missed the last five years. I still remember going to the stables on the day I took those initial pictures and thinking “wow, where did that belly come from”. And then those first responses coming in! Thank you. Six was a truly wonderful soul and the...
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    Pictures Flower turns five...

    ... and we have our first proper lesson booked for Sunday! I could wax lyrical about how much I love her, but suffice it to say that she's still the best surprise I've ever had. We've had a hard couple of months between us, after losing our old boy and Flower and Mary's constant companion, but...
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    Anyone else priced out?

    I couldn’t afford to buy right now either, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. If it came to it and I was without a ridden one, I’d be tempted to breed my next. I’ve loved the experience of raising Flower, so I’d potentially part loan in the interim and just have a few years without my...
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    Pony price for a cob. Unsure what to advise.

    I’m not even looking, but I’d snap her hand off for that pony at that price!
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    Would you breed from this mare?

    It would be a no from me too.
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    What happens to our horses if there is a WW3?

    It’s this that’s really upsetting me, because this is the part that’s real and happening right now. I’m ashamed to be in the UK when we’re doing nothing to help or house any of the refugees. Poland and the other European countries that are mucking in and helping should be an example to us all.
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    Pictures Penny update - growing up and settling down

    She’s so lovely! And my goodness am I envious of how dry your fields are!
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    Is 24/7 grass turnout a no-no for some types?

    I have a Traditional Cob and her Welsh D x daughter who both live out 24/7 all year round. What I’ve tried doing in the last couple of years is being super strict in winter. That means this year, rather than putting a round bale out, they get one haynet between them a day and aren’t rugged in...
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    Horse prices

    I’d absolutely be priced out too. I can afford to keep horses, but I couldn’t afford to pay those kinds of amounts upfront. In fact, I’m counting myself lucky that Mary came with a baby on board, because there’s no way I could buy another riding horse if one of them broke. People may disagree...
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    Starting Pony on Prascend - What to Expect

    He’s not had the easiest winter, but at 29, age was going to catch up with him eventually. What I will say is that he still looks incredible and that it’s well worth persevering with treatment. Weight loss was probably Six’s first major symptom, but thanks to hay replacers and Prascend, that’s...
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    Starting Pony on Prascend - What to Expect

    Thanks all, but this was seven years ago! Pony is still medicated and much loved, and I’ve actually been an admin on the PPID Facebook group for several years, so it’s fair to say I know my stuff these days 😂
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    Winter lameness?

    I agree. My 29 year old has had the same the last two years running. No problem for the rest of the year - in fact, very fit and sprightly - but then come early December, with no changes to management, feed, turnout, etc. he presents with laminitis.