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    The ponies are coming YIPPEE! - grazing advice needed

    Thanks Spottypony that was my gut reaction.
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    The ponies are coming YIPPEE! - grazing advice needed

    After nearly three months on our new small holding, I got people coming to do the fencing tomorrow and will have the pony finally delivered at the end of June. Managed to source a local companion (grumpy old sec A with attitude but she just has to be in sight of him) and ordering load of...
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    Odd things you’ve found in a field

    An Anchor! Technically it was behind the wall by the drive. Its way too big for anything coming down our river
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    Baby Chickens

    Pembrokeshire - although I actually drove to Brecon to get these chaps
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    Baby Chickens

    Yep - they can come out blue or bluey-green. I think these should be blue though
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    Baby Chickens

    I picked up our new baby chickies on Sunday. 2 Buff Sussex and 6 Cream Legbar (would have been 4 and 4 but apparently the Buff didn't hatch well.) Kept chickens for years but its my first time with babies. They are so cute and we are going to keep them in on heat for at least another 4 weeks or...
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    New paddocks :)

    I've been considering the electric fencing route however the site as a whole isn't secure at present and I've been worrying that if the neds got through the tape for whatever reason then they could high tail off into the neighbouring fields
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    New paddocks :)

    So we're in the new house. Yay Now to create new paddocks. We have a couple.of options. I'm not sure whether to make a few smaller paddocks or a larger one that we can then subdivide as needed. Area 1. Currently large garden, would make about a half...
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    Pictures Cobs can gallop (and buck!)

    Turbo Cob buttons activate on my boy very rarely. More silliness in the field but under saddle he averages a long 18 mths or so between git rides. Last time was a 'quiet canter' in company. Tried a couple of excitement bucks, kept his head up and kicked on and we were at warp speed within .23...
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    Leg cut

    As it is through the skin I would get a vet out just for preventative/precautionary reasons. My boy sliced his hock open once on electric wire (a lot deeper than that though) and ended up in horspital for 5 days having the joint flushed.
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    Raising chicks = tell me all

    Luckily we will have no immediate neighbours so could cope with a cockerel or two. A friend has suggested you can get day old that are already sexed so that might be a better option
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    Raising chicks = tell me all

    So we are currently kicking our heels in a temporary house in Pembrokeshire waiting for our house purchase to finally get sorted and completed. I'm running through plans of what we can do once we move into our new smallholding. As a fun mini project I'm giving thought to raising some chickens...
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    Is spring in the air?

    Happy Imbolc (Celtic New Year - first signs of spring etc) My hairy beastie decided to celebrate by starting to shed fluff.
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    Hacking in Pembrokeshire (North)

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    Can someone settle this argument?

    Not to split hairs but the wording of the highway code only states you should never ride without a saddle and bridle, bits are not mentioned. Which suits me as I usually hack out with a bitless bridle at present.