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    Is spring in the air?

    Happy Imbolc (Celtic New Year - first signs of spring etc) My hairy beastie decided to celebrate by starting to shed fluff.
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    Hacking in Pembrokeshire (North)

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    Can someone settle this argument?

    Not to split hairs but the wording of the highway code only states you should never ride without a saddle and bridle, bits are not mentioned. Which suits me as I usually hack out with a bitless bridle at present.
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    Pictures Let's See Your Gypsy Cobs 😀

    This article is a genuine Gypsy Cob AKA the Yak- came to me 6 years ago courtesy of the Blue Cross who took him on after he and another one were found fly-grazing and suffered ragwort poisoning. Estimated to be 8yo when I took him on loan so prob 14 now and we live to hack (no competitive...
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    Pony has ouchy feet - not sure what to do....

    So coblet is acting lame for the first since I've had him (nearly 6 years). Rode him over the weekend and he was very reluctant to trot on hard surfaces. hes been off work for a few days and still is nodding on (I think) the front offside. He hasn't had any change of management. Foot doesn't...
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    Chicken keepers

    Thanks for the heads up - I'll be refreshing the bedding in the covered run and keep them in
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    Just how hairy is my horse??

    Doubt I'll be riding much this winter due to house move and work - I have embraced the fluff this year and am not even clipping so he can just live out
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    'strange' breed combination?

    Used to share a Shetland x Cob. Basically looked like an nearly 13hh Shetland and could shift like the clappers when she wanted.
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    Moving to Smallholding - land questions

    When I say horses - they are 2 cobs under 14hh so hoping we will have some land left over!
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    Moving to Smallholding - land questions

    SO We've finally accepted an offer on our house and it looks like our move to a smallholding in Wales is going full steam. We have a 3.5 acre smallholding lined up in North Pembrokeshire only 10 min drive from the coast. To say I'm excited is the understatement of the year, even the OH is now...
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    Uproar as fun ride still going ahead in bad weather

    A local fun ride was recently cancelled last minute as the parking area flooded. It would have probably gone ahead if they had had hardstanding available.
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    This mornings discovery

    Me too. Mine had a leaky on one edge so you only got wet if you went round a right hand turn! Right down the back of your neck!
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    Shopping - driving harnesses

    Any recommendations on to where to find a reasonably priced driving harness for a 14hh cob with a broad back and a chunky head? Tried a friend's cob-sized synthetic on him and the saddle gave virtually no wither clearance and was squeezing in behind his shoulders. However all the rest of the...
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    Can horses make things up?

    What are the thoughts of leading past scary things? My boy rarely has dramatic issues with things but when he refuses point-blank not to do something, I just slide off and lead him past (he always follows me like a lamb). Then we get back on and ride past it a few times and its then an...
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    This is ragwort right?

    Common ragwort. Usually has the same sort of shade as thistle