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    PETA trying to ban horseriding

    I don't have much truck with PETA ever since I heard how many animals they euthanise every year at their 'rescue' centres. Their ideal world view contains no animals bred for food (which I can somewhat understand from an ethical point of view) but also no companion animals - to me that would be...
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    New Yearling Owner

    If you can't find a local youngster herd to put him with, would it be a possibility for you to loan a companion for him? Another youngish horse for him to play and burn off energy with would at least give him company in the field.
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    Pony share at stables

    See if there are any local shows around where he can watch the ponies and you can potentially chat to other horsey people. A bit of networking may pay off as a lot of shares for kids will be word of mouth and you might find someone who knows of a pony looking for a rider. "They are charging...
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    Pony share at stables

    This doesn't sound like a share to me. Local riding centre where I used to live did an 'Loan a Pony scheme' when you could use the horse when you wanted when it wasn't being used in the Riding School (restrictions on the amount of work per day/week), you did the stable management of only that...
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    Happy gentle falling off stories please!

    My favourite was similar to another one in the comments. Didn't realise I hadn't tightened up the girth sufficiently. Ended up touring the car park at high speed with one leg over his back and one arm over his neck going 'wooooooahhhhhh, stteeeaaadddyyyyy'. Had to slide off once we slowed...
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    Quick question of the Day - what sort of planning permission do I need for stables?

    Thanks all, off to the planning portal I go.
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    Quick question of the Day - what sort of planning permission do I need for stables?

    We are just sorting the forms for planning permission for a 3 stable block in our garden (we are in North Pembrokeshire) and have reached a small impasse. I think a full form may be needed to cover all eventualities but OH is convinced that we just need HouseHolders Permission as it is on our...
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    Broody Chookie found - to move or not to move.

    A chicken who I thought had been foxed a week ago has turned up on a nest in the hedge with 11 eggs, I now find myself in a quandary as to whether to move her into a coop or just leave where she is.
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    Stable Block - couple of questions

    I actually have a batch at the moment but you need quite a few for a turn out area!
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    Stable Block - couple of questions

    This is really interesting. I had assumed a concrete pad would be necessary with a fixed stable block but have you found the hardcore to be fine? I like the idea of a hardcore yard as well The main reasons for wanting stables is flexibility of accommodation to spare the land a bit over the...
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    Stable Block - couple of questions

    Finally putting together our planning application for a stable block. I have been thinking about a straight forward 3 box block with 12x12 stables and a larger concrete pad along the front (pad would be about 20x40 feet) I've been asked by the builder whether i want to make the stables larger...
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    Gardening with muck heaps

    I'm trying to circulate 2/3 muck heaps with my two ponies. At the moment I've left one alone for about 3 months soo far and have added some spoiled hay (mud and hay mulchy mess really), but no more muck since November. I was hoping to plant something on it but can't decide what. Its in a...
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    Irresponsible Owners

    Not local to me but a treasured childhood holiday haunt. Absolutely gutted me about the swan
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    Preventing mud fever

    I was wondering about whether mud fever would be an issue for us this year having moved to Pembs where the soil is very heavy clay and we're in a river valley. But so far so good. Ponies are living out with full feathery legs and I've been leaving them alone completely. They appear to be doing...
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    Wood pellet bedding……very confused… please!!

    Agree with this. I used to take the worst wet patches out once or twice a week and replace them with a new sack of pellets over winter. I also never used to soak the pellets as much as they recommended (usually about half a bucket of water per bag so they just fluffed up a bit) and didn't get...