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    Omg cjd Pumpkin has been sold

    Its a nice problem to have though right - what will I do this spare €5m! :p I think its more than the horse though, Pumpkin by himself is valuable I'm sure, but you are buying a horse that has been produced already to the highest quality by one of the best riders in the world - that is what they...
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    Omg cjd Pumpkin has been sold

    Wow!! Okay didnt think it would that much but wow!
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    Medium or fine blades??

    I would disagree about the snap on blades for the Harmony Plus - I've just clipped out my horse with them for the first time and I've no tram lines and it wasnt hard at all, actually found it so much better than a bigger clippers. The blades are only marginally slimmer than a full clippers head...
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    Omg cjd Pumpkin has been sold

    When horses are you business, unfortunately the reality is usually everything is for sale - how else is it a business? And she probably does want to start her own yard or build a house at the least! As riders, its usually rare for the horses to be their own, they usually belong to owners so...
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    Irish Draughts

    I think Draughts vary so much in type and temperament now, it like any breed - they can be very diverse. I have a ID x Connie and he is wonderful (not biased I swear!) but the Draught stamina with the Connie brain is lovely! I tried a good few full Draughts but decided they werent for me -...
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    Losing Marbles around other Horses

    So when I got my horse as a 4 year old, the only outings he had off the yard was hunting and he was a machine to hunt & had to be up the front. When I got him and stuck him in horsebox and brought him to a show, other horses around and the anticaption of hunting sent him into a complete and...
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    Prolite girth experiences or alternatives?

    I could not get on with a Prolite girth for whatever reason, not rubbing or anything but it never seemed to sit right or be tight enough or even enough - I dunno, I seemed to be battling with it all the time - I got another one of a different length cause I thoguht that would help, but it didnt...
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    Do we over clip our horses

    I know clipping is for welfare when in work but also for convenience for us when managing them, less time drying off etc so for me I prefer a full clip or hunter clip because I hate dealing with the shedding so again its for my convenience. I normally do a hunter clip first because I always...
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    Goals for next year? Please share!

    Ohhh so many things! There are few things I would love to do before the end of this year... Jump a 1m fence at home & maybe jump a 90cm SJ round competitively (we are currently 80/85cm) Go the beach and come home alive! Go XC schooling over some of the 'bigger ones'! Save and upgrade my...
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    Have I made a mistake?

    I would take the YO's word over the other liveries - you have agreed terms with her on turnout so if it doesnt happen the way you were told, you can take her to task over it. But only deal directly with her once it becomes an issue - I wouldnt go to her saying 'the other liveries have said...
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    How much do you get for yard chores

    I know you say you have years of experience working at your own and professional yards but unfortunately you have to understand that the experience of a 15/16 year old until they are 18 is not the same life experience as a 20-something year old who has the same 'years' of experience. As they...
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    Horse “not ready for dressage?”

    Sorry just out of interest - was it an actual dressage judge even?? A yard in our local area does what you describe and holds a 'yard' show for the liveries and anyone else local but the judge isnt an actual judge - its the yard owner! Sometimes they get a local high level dressage rider to do...
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    Mind blown!!!!!!!!

    I think we have experienced a moment of madness when it comes to horses and done something that only with hindsight (and usually some helpful friends!) you realise might not have been the best idea! I think everyone has covered all the bases here on opinions about 'professionals' etc and I do...
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    Producing show horses

    I couldnt say I've produced a show horse but I'm new to showing and when I got my horse at 5, I wanted to compete in a big national show arena so I did just that! I just started a Riding Club level and went to as many shows as possible then - big, small, all just for experience and to learn as...