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    Michael Whitaker may be banned from riding in Olympics

    Wait so Amy Tryon, whose thoughtless action led to the death of a horse, gets a very short ban, yet Michael Whitaker gets a fine, and is banned from the Olympics FOR LIFE, due to his horse being given the wrong feed, in a one-off mistake by his groom?? Doesn't seem to add up to me.
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    Kissing Spine

    Hi, just wanted to ask some questions about kissing spine, as a friend has just had his mare diagnosed with it. The horse is in her early teens, and hasn't the best conformation in her back (slightly sunken back and also slight roach back) but has never had any problems before. What is the...
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    Don't let your under 5 year olds touch animals....

    haha yes, i admit i often stuff down a breakfast (sandwich/cereal bar) while sorting out the horses... even mucking out xp never caught anything to date!!
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    Derren Brown!

    nope, didn't work on me or my sisters... bit of a let down really =p
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    Don't let your under 5 year olds touch animals....

    Exactly, the healthest kids i know are farmer's children, and the children of a riding school owner, and they EAT things they find on the floor of the yard, let alone touch animals...
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    Marcus the Sheep - Discuss...

    I'm all for letting kids know where their food comes from, but to describe how he was going to be butchered and taking the children on a 'last visit' to see him is unreasonably harsh, and the headteacher does sound a bit crazy. I think it is a good thing to be taught about farming and meat at a...
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    BHS Press Release - Carrot and Spud

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    Todays most important horsey news item......

    Wow they should have reining in the olympics, it's a fantastic spectator sport =]
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    Smiler Of Sheepwash

    Thankyou! =D
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    Newforest stallion - Smiler of Sheepwash

    I was wondering if anyone could help me find any photos or info on him? I know he was killed in a road accident but that's it. He's my pony's sire. I've also posted this in New Lounge, hope thats ok! Thanks =] xXx
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    Smiler Of Sheepwash

    He was a newforest stallion, and I was wondering whether anyone could help me find a photo of him? I've searched google and couldn't find anything, but I'm not great with this sort of thing =p Thanks =] xXx
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    I'm cross - A Rant!

    I've noticed this! I was at an indoor SJ a little while ago, and it was mostly beginners or tiny kids in the early classes which started from about 1'. Anyways, someone on a massive and very obviously experienced warmblood had entered all the classes from about 1'6 and up. They were about 23...
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    So I made a website...

    Okay thankyou I've fixed everything i THINK though my spelling's really bad :P Yes, for some reason photobucket doesn't like that photo... I'll upload it to a different site :P
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    So I made a website...

    Here Please tell me what you think, and if it works =P My screen's a funny size so if it's all squished up I'll have to change it xD
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    The photos from today =) Comments + Crit again please?

    "S6500 isn't an SLR, it's a bridge camera." Then I have a bridge camera :P