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  • Hi Milliepops! I've been searching about riding in the forest or Dean. I'm from Cheltenham and really hoping to spend a Saturday or sunday soon in the forest in my horse. I found a thread about hacking in the forest of Dean from commented and I was hoping you might be bale to point me in the right direction. I'm hoping to make a day of it with my bestie and her pony and the boyfriends with picnic. Any tips?
    Hi milliepops hope you don't mind the pm but thought I would share that after watching your lesson teaching your horse flying changes I was so excited to see yours reacting exactly like mine does I have been emulating your lesson and today I had about 5 nice forward calm changes I was thrilled and even had 1 while cantering on a long rein stretch which was perfect opportunity for her to ****** off! So wanted to say thanks for posting I know it can be daunting to publicise the ups and downs not just the ups so thought you would like to know just how much it's helped me. Keep videoing and posting and u might get to do an advanced test in this lifetime ;)) x
    Hi Rachel
    If you do arrange to have a lesson from Robert at a future date, I would very much like to book one as well. Would it be possible to come to your yard for the lesson? If this is something your yard allows, I am based in Great Witley in Worcester so not to far from you. Hope you don't think I'm being to cheeky, but as I'm the only dressage rider on my yard I don't think Robert would travel to me for just one person.
    Many thanks
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