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    Spaniel puppy name

    A friend ;)? Can you give any more context in relation to your "friend"? Other pets names, names of beloved pets gone to Rainbow bridge? Will the dog require a registered name? etc etc
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    Is it just me, but....... 🤞

    It’s 16.15 and it doesn’t seem quite as dark tonight... Lighter nights and shedding costs can only mean one thing. Come on summer :cool: ;)
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    That moment of horror

    An orca pod to me means a group of whales?!? *pottles off to google wondering if he is now a seahorse*
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    Burghley Head Cam Footage

    Some of those branches were really low. There seemed a good 2 or 3 times he got face slapped
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    Northampton people- I's like to ask a favour

    JennBags - would it be ok to ping you a PM. I am Horsham, and horseless :)
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    Bob Champion is asking for help after Liverpool fire

    Just seen this , such a shame, really hope people can help
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    Hovis - can't believe it...

    Hi Can't believe what I have just read, poor Hovis and poor Hovis family Keeping everything crossed, wonder if we can collectively send some famous HHO vibes
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    Lily dog is poorly :(

    Hugs to you and gentle calming strokes for Lily dog. Sending all positive vibes
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    What horsey thing can wedding rimgs be carried in??

    Hobby Horse, he can't have a minature, but a hobby horse on a small broom handle should still pack into a case for transportation and can be kept as a keep sake. You could loop the rings through the reins or looped into a velcro detachable browband as some dressage bling. Go for fabric in...
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    Jumping in a dressage saddle

    I used to do everything on my Arab in a dressage saddle. She was an Arab that could, not didn't so we showed, dressaged, showjumped, evented and hacked in it. I loved it, now don't feel settled in anything other than a dressage saddle.
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    Hogging but leaving forelock?

    I always think if we get summer weather longish forelocks can help as a natural fly fringes so I'd leave on
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    Gold medals and now golden rings....

    What a day for Charlotte
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    Arab Horse Society Magazine 1988 & 1989

    Hi This is a real stab in the dark but would anyone have copies of the Arab Horse Society Magazine from 1988 and 1989 that would have had the write up of their national summer shows. For those years it was Ascot and then Kempton Park I'm trying to locate copies for a surprise for my mum. I...
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    How fit do you need to be to do agility?

    She will hate me for typing this, but ... My mum is 66, a double breast cancer survivor and a stubborn old goat She reguarly complains she is not as fit as the youngsters and she will never win again But at the weekend she won 2 classes and had a second in another. One win was on a course...
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    BHS Gold membership - coverage abroad

    To answer my own question, because of the way French law operates, no BHS Gold doesn't cover me in France