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    Long term bute/Danilon?

    I have a pony with cushings who still very much wants to be out and about enjoying life but has had a very slight lameness in her front leg for over 2 years now. We’ve done all sorts of scans etc but vets haven’t been able to find a cause. My question is has anyone had any experiences with...
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    Showumping Instructors // Recommendations?

    Based in Somerset. Looking for someone who is good with a more nervous rider to get used to a new pony.
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    2nd Hand Air Jacket - Best place to look ?

    I bought mine second hand on preloved and was surprised at how many there were on there that are hardly used. However i measured myself against the official size guide but the jacket ended up being massive on me, so I'd definitely say to go and try a few on and get the right size before ordering...
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    Hay, Haylage and Straw Suppliers In Somerset?

    Hi, looking for some decent haylage hay and straw in somerset? Does anyone have any recommendations on where is best?
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    Junior BS Class Heights

    Thankyou both for your help :) she hasn't jumped BS since 2015 as she was then sold to a friend of mine whose daughter jumped unaffiliated but has now lost interest so has come to us :)
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    Junior BS Class Heights

    We have a pony on trial who has previously jumped BS. I have downloaded her record from the website but I have no clue what height some of the classes are? Shes 142cm if that makes a difference. SCNOVJ - jumped from march - june 2015 SCJP - June 15 BLJS - July 2015 would be so greatful...
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    Travelling Horses In a Lorry

    yes sorry trailer to lorry, I should have read it through.
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    Saddle Fitter Recommendations? Somerset

    Covering the Yeovil/Podimore area need 7 saddles fitting. TIA
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    Travelling Horses In a Lorry

    We recently upgraded from a lorry to a trailer to make travelling long distances better for the horses and to also be able to carry a third. However we have found that one of our ponies will try and climb onto the tack lockers if loaded first. She is fine whilst travelling and if loaded second...
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    Very Large Lump On Pony's Belly

    Yes of course I had vet out. It was a simple fly bite that had swollen up after said 'massively overweight' pony was brought in from the field. Thanks to those who posted a helpful comment.
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    experiences with equimax worming tablets?

    Has anyone ever used these? I have a couple of naughty ponies who wont have wormer paste in their mouth so normally have it in feed so was thinking of using these instead. TIA
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    Very Large Lump On Pony's Belly

    This is a picture of the lump on the bigger side The smaller side
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    Very Large Lump On Pony's Belly

    My pony has a very large 'lump' underneath her belly. It is completely solid and feels just like normal skin. It doesn't seem to be bothering her. I have noticed a similar lump on her previously but much smaller and it disappeared on its own. The lump is flat and more visible on one side than...
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    Where to send a pony for schooling?

    Looking for a place to send my 13.2hh new forest for some schooling. He has no behavioral issues just needs work on balance and canter.
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    Horse rubbing away his face

    Is he on straw bedding? I have a pony who did this to his face when we first got him and we found that he was allergic to straw, swapped him to shavings and he hasn't done it since.