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    Yikes, thats some attitude...!!!

    If he is living out then I would just do the absolute basics. Hay etc, quick scratch. Leave him a couple of weeks in a consistent environment and then slowly start to build bridges. My 2 year old was pretty tricky at times for the first 6 weeks and he came to me well handled! Different...
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    How would you deal with this silly problem?

    Totally with what ycbm said. My horse will stand quietly on a tiny verge to let a combine past but a parked smart car..... well totally different ball field that one 😂
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    How would you deal with this silly problem?

    Does he do it in company?
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    Confrontantial livery

    You can’t all come to a stand still just because someone is bringing their horses in. Unless you deliberately beat a bucket with a wooden spoon as they entered the yard I fail to see why she needed to react in that way? My 2 can be spooky to lead but that’s my issue not anyone’s else’s and I...
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    My grey went out naked for the first time since October probably. I’m angry at bbc carol tho as she said any mist or fog would be quick to burn away. Nope. It’s still foggy now and only about 5degrees! Oops
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    Who else has the fatty paddock going?

    I will be reducing the size of my paddock from the weekend onwards. We are due a decent spell of warm dry weather so I think the grass will really start to shoot thru
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    Field shelters- if you have one, does it get used?

    At my old yard we had shelters in the winter paddocks but in the gelding fields it became a meeting place for awful behaviour! The geldings never went in it but chewed it, broke it, fought around it and generally pratt about over it so eventually it had to go!
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    Minimum turnout for non ridden horses

    Yes probably. I’m sure he would love to be knee deep in grass all winter long but that’s not always possible is it? I still have grass but it’s not long and lush therefore not considered good enough. My other horse grazes all day.
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    Minimum turnout for non ridden horses

    Do whatever suits him best. One of mine can be like that. He does have spavins tho so I like to keep him out all day in the winter but if the weather is crap he literally stands by the gate all day. He may have a pick at some hay for the first couple of hours then stands as close to the gate for...
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    Do ANY livery yards have.............this?

    We can turn out every single day in winter regardless of weather/ground and also no set times so they could be out 6am to 6pm if you wanted. The paddocks do get trashed but they do recover. We don’t have separate summer grazing. All the farmer asks if we wish to turnout all winter and the fields...
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    Would you them ask to leave?

    Why did she want it on individual turn out?
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    Are riding tights very flimsy?

    I have the noble ones and they have lasted ages, tend to use those in winter. Then 2 pairs of sticky bum Dublin ones. Totally love them. I wouldn’t wear anything else now. Mine have lasted over a year with heavy use and washing/tumble drying etc
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    Horse is dangerous to ride. Pyhsical or pyschological?

    I would def scope for ulcers then regardless of the outcome is there anywhere you can turn him out and away for a while? 2 years out with doctor green in a herd sorted my guy after a similar diagnosis and a similar build up to the diagnosis. Mine went on retirement livery for 2 years
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    Leave youngster in or out when I ride?

    Ye, that sounds like a real pain in the ass!
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    Leave youngster in or out when I ride?

    At the moment if I can ride after work then I bring them both in for the night and ride my other one. Youngster is absolutely fine with this as has been out all day etc and everyone else is in. I think I will give it another week and turn youngster out first and increase the time he is out on...