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    Hello, welcome, and congratulations on getting your horse! Wishing you many happy years together.
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    Why doesn't stuff fit properly?!

    Springer and Bombers both do 5.25 bits, i have the Sprenger turnado and the Bombers Happy Tongue. Stubben Trevira girth suits my horse with a forward girth groove. One of my horses is so oddly shaped I have to buy a full size bridle, then add an XL browband, pony cheek pieces, and XL reins. And...
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    Too thin horse - blood test?

    Hmmm, our vet doesn't, just asks if everything is ok, jabs them and goes...
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    Pictures Hello from Europe

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    Worms ... sorry I know they’re gross...

    Lol - no, I did warn him!
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    Worms ... sorry I know they’re gross...

    I once, long ago, wormed a new boyfriend cause he was so thin, but ate like a horse!
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    Studs on overnight

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    Legalities of renovating trailer

    These tyres should all be replaced anyway, if it has been standing in one place for 4 years it will have flat spots and sun damage. It sounds a lovely project, I love the family connection, with your Grandad doing it up. If the floor is good, the rest of it is fairly easy to access for any...
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    Does anyone on here rent out their land?

    I kept my horses at a private house, it was perfect, the owner did all the land management side of things, I paid rent on a beautiful old yard and 8 acres of grazing. You do need to be mindful of the fact that you are in effect in someone's home, but it worked extremely well for us both. I only...
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    Studs on overnight

    Wow, isn't it interesting, how horse care has to change for different countries/conditions? Have gone from being horrified to understanding. Every day's a lesson!
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    Feeding ground linseed...opinions

    I do, as protein source for PSSM horse
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    Even more bad news about Robin

    Poor Robin, hope the meds get him better soon
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    Close shave field accident. It could have been so much worse.

    So lucky you found him, and had help and a plan - I don't know what I'd have done. Well done you all!
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    Moving to the UK (Lakenheath) from the US (with my horse?)

    Hello and welcome! Why not loan Sig out ( he looks lovely!), buy 2 while you're here, take both home, sell one ( would that cover buying your new trailer/truck?) and keep Sig and the other new one?
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    Livery Issue.

    Does the contract say anything about who will provide the services? Allowing a school aged child to do this is not on, what if the horse had been injured, or had injured the child...very unprofessional and an accident waiting to happen.