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    How much hay do you

    Feed To your stabled horses Mine have some in the field when they go out Come in around 2.30 to hay on the floor Hard feed around 4.30 Then a massive haynet around 8
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    Quantum Bridles

    Anyone got one , they look lovely just v expensive
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    hay - tips on using nets ...

    Thank you
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    hay - tips on using nets ...

    Yes they should but mine eat it all I think one would eat a whole bale given half the chance No weight issues
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    hay - tips on using nets ...

    At the moment mine have hay when they have hard feed and more about 8pm I want to try to avoid my mum going and doing this Any tips do I give them 2 small hole haynets
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    Human hair conditioner or horses mane?

    Was thinking of using coconut conditioner on my boys mane is it okay to do this as I have always bought the dermaline one. thank you
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    Fly Mask that does not rub

    No not tried one of those, do you use them? My other horse does not have a problem with them rubbing so goodness knows what is going on
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    Fly Mask that does not rub

    I have tried shires and premier equine full face fly masks and they both rub my boy where the seem is between the eye section and the nose. I have tried doing it up not tight. Any ideas on other make that may not do this please. Thank you.
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    Is anyone knowledgeable about Spanish horses?

    Yes that is a branding They are sensitive and so intelligent and as you say rightly you sit nice and quiet on them mine whinnies at me everytime I catch him and today he was drinking and i was talking to him he whinnied at me , they love people, talk to them and they form a strong bond with...
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    Horse Trailers

    Where are you based your welcome to see mine
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    Horse Trailers

    Love my Bateson Ascot well built tows well and very good customer service
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    Please please fill out my survey

    OOps sorry I’ve never created one of these before
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    Please please fill out my survey

    I would appreciate you all filling out my survey please Thank you 🙏
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    Insurance question please help

    So my retired boy is 22 and I keep him insured I’m just looking to get cost down Thinking joining Harry Hall or the BHS so he is covered for public liability He isn’t ridden kept on private land and is worth not much Would this be a cheaper way ? Or would vets fees be worth sticking with ...