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    Fly Mask that does not rub

    No not tried one of those, do you use them? My other horse does not have a problem with them rubbing so goodness knows what is going on
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    Fly Mask that does not rub

    I have tried shires and premier equine full face fly masks and they both rub my boy where the seem is between the eye section and the nose. I have tried doing it up not tight. Any ideas on other make that may not do this please. Thank you.
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    Is anyone knowledgeable about Spanish horses?

    Yes that is a branding They are sensitive and so intelligent and as you say rightly you sit nice and quiet on them mine whinnies at me everytime I catch him and today he was drinking and i was talking to him he whinnied at me , they love people, talk to them and they form a strong bond with...
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    Horse Trailers

    Where are you based your welcome to see mine
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    Horse Trailers

    Love my Bateson Ascot well built tows well and very good customer service
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    Please please fill out my survey

    OOps sorry I’ve never created one of these before
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    Please please fill out my survey

    I would appreciate you all filling out my survey please Thank you 🙏
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    Insurance question please help

    So my retired boy is 22 and I keep him insured I’m just looking to get cost down Thinking joining Harry Hall or the BHS so he is covered for public liability He isn’t ridden kept on private land and is worth not much Would this be a cheaper way ? Or would vets fees be worth sticking with ...
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    Weekend Plans!

    Wow your lucky I didnt think we were allowed to use indoor schools or is this at your livery yard?
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    Pictures Reasons why I did not ride this morning...

    ditto mine did exactly the same
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    Er... weekend plans...?

    Lesson tomorrow at 9 so early start for me. Need to keep focused. I had so much planned for competing this season etc but hey ho like us all I shall continue to try my best to improve my horse ready for next years season, horse is getting older sadly but we are all in the same boat. Grrr damn...
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    Difficult one, I grew up with the elastic strap hats and you used to put the strap behind your hairnet when riding in the show ring or even cutting it off so it look neat and tidy. I do think the younger generation are naturally more safety aware. I used to ride my old mare in the summer with...
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    Hourly Rate for a Groom

    Can someone please advise me on this one. I have been offered a couple of hours work and at the current time silly to turn it down, I do have another job but my other job is in catering and weddings that has stopped. I have been offered £10 and hour, I am on the more mature side and v...
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    Looking for Sole use yard or Livery in East Sussex

    If you find somewhere big enough happy to share a yard