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    How to look smart...(schooling/lessons/clinics)

    Riding tights and baselayers!
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    when are you planning on bringing in for the night?

    I clipped last weekend and did it then. Means he can go out rugless in the day with it being so warm and not worrying about night time temps!
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    Those on full livery.

    1- what is your favourite thing about your yard? This could be a facility, a groom, care, anything! The people (yard owner, staff and liveries) everyone is lovely and encouraging. I was previously on DIY where equally everyone was nice but people tended to not ride much which didn’t give much...
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    Any real/ true VIP pad reviews?

    Not a dramatic difference (and it doesn’t really claim to) but I am a marketing persons dream so got one anyway. I’m happy that its purpose is to lessen impact and disperse any pressure better than without. I ride religiously with it, can’t say it makes him move any better than without.
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    Personally prefer sand and rubber mixed. Waxed sand I find most horse trip and it becomes compacted and there is less give than the above. Carpet and sand works well when it’s been properly laid, I prefer this than waxed sand.
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    Chopped rape straw bedding

    Yep I use Swish and highly recommend. My gelding is quite messy and wet but with this he is tidy and easier to muck out. Several things have helped though, he has a bigger stable than when I was on other bedding and I have also built up a big bed, wet comes out twice a week. They do a lemon peel...
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    It’s that time of year...clippers

    I got Heineger Xplorers last year from Mole Valley just over £250 price wise and two batteries and two sets of blades.
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    Close contact/monoflap saddles

    Thought I’d love it as I loved a monoflap dressage but like you just didn’t feel enough underneath me for jumping. The seat felt very flat and hard. I went with the K2 and love it.
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    Are equestrian events allowed under the new rules?

    British Riding Clubs and British Dressage have confirmed yes they are OK still
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    Would you ride horse that had reared?

    I previously owned a horse that reared (more of a strop than a full blown rear!) and it tended to be when he was napping at something, he still does it now as far as I am aware but rarely. It never scared me but obviously isn’t something I desired him to do or encouraged. If it were bolt upright...
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    Horse tripped/fallen

    Highly recommend pro balance by progressive earth feeding for good feet! I’m not anti shoe but they are doing nothing for your horses feet. Get another farrier out, a decent trim and see where to go from there. You might find you won’t need shoes longer term when you can get the foot in a better...
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    Looking for a Stable Sheet

    I’ve got an Amigo one that’s quite good it’s a thick-ish cotton material.
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    Hind shoes getting pulled off by another horse - any ideas ?

    Overreach boots all round. When mine was shod all round he often went out with them on and I do think he was the one wanging they off 🙈🤣
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    What helps you at wobbly moments?

    I find it helps to accept that things will be scary and I will be nervous. If I am accepting and acknowledging of the nervous energy I seem to be more at peace with the feeling and overcome it quicker than just stewing in the panic.
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    Introducing 4yr old to hunting

    Would love to take my (now 6yo) young horse hunting but I am too much of a wimp. I think he’d love it and pick it as his ‘job’ if he could choose!