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    Advice on sharing and rider insurance

    I have rider only insurance from the BHS. I was told by the BHS insurers that only the owner can insure a horse for the vet fees. A sharer whio pays for a share can be contributing to the cost of that premium. But cannot insure the horse themselves. Insuring for sharing is very unsatisfactory...
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    Quality bridle

    I rode for years with a Sabre bridle and swore that if I ever got a horse of my own that was what I would buy. The tack at that yard was cleaned with saddle soap every time it was used. It could be that that makes a difference.
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    Horse share.

    I sympathise as I think it is difficult to find a share in that area even using FB. Preloved website has horse shares. So does Horsemart. Lots of people want to find a share and many owners are rich so dont need to share the cost. I never saw anything suitable on the shop advert boards. And your...
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    Fractured ankle in an oldie. Where do I go from here.

    I cant forecast exactly for you and no one can but a few pointers from my own limited experience. I broke my ankle about 18 years ago in my 60s like you and I last rode in March 2020. The medical side first. Injuries to bone and tissue both take 6 weeks to heal and then lots of physio which...
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    Horse has melanomas - Advice please

    I rode a Connie type for 8 years. When one eye was affectd by melanoma, she became more spooky and clients could no longer ride her. She was retired because she could no longer be bridled but I used to groom her and she was used for therapy sessions with kids. She was put down when the vet...
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    Bareback riding - good or bad?

    My revered RI gives bareback lessons. She told me that a boney slim rider should not ride bareback on a bony slim TB. Both horse and rider should have some fleshy padding. My mentor on bare back is Pony Boy, "Horse Follow Closely; Native American Horsemanship". and he is not enthusiastic about...
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    How do I stop my horse galloping home when I fall off?

    Me too. And it may be wise as means one is not instinctively using one's hands to break one's fall - I read that it is a common injury to break one's wrist in a fall.
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    Pain in ankle whilst riding?

    If she is nervous or in pain she may be clenching her feet. My RI told us to relax all the joints in our legs and feet. One step in that was spreading out and wriggling our toes to loosen the ankle. But if the horse is too wide and the upper leg and knee is stretched or rigid, or the stirrups...
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    Saddle soap on the out? (Also, new member to the Fairfax saddle club!)

    As an RS rider and a sharer, I use whatever they use on the yard I am at and at my current yards it is saddle soap. But the old ways beng superceded is not true. I bought a Shires leather headcollar just before lockdown and had to mail order a bottle of pure neatsfootoil to treat it, as per...
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    Brief Lesson Report

    It is always nice when adults find a good teacher and have good lessons. And you are right that forum advice can help a lot - to redress the teachers who undermine you and help you find better ones. It is odd how vunerable adults are in a riding lesson.
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    I did it! I rode for the first time in 3 years!

    So glad you actually got on and remembered that it is still a treat.
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    Do you ride in the rain?

    RS riders book a lesson or hack and then ride regardless of the weather. I rode twice a week for 16 years, rain or shine. I am now on a yard where the horses dont go out if there is a stormy wind - but our solo rides are longer and slower so I bought some long waterproof chaps at Olympia. Due to...
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    Bit of an 18+ Question...

    On our yard we hacked with schooling whips. I managed the gates with that.
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    Body protector suggestions please.

    I have worn a bp for hacking ever since I started to hack 18 years ago. This is what I have learned. You need to try the different brands and find the one that fits you best. My first one was a Champion which laced up the sides (as a Race safe does). bps that lace up the sides cannot be...
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    Saddle Fitting - What am I missing?

    A friend bought an American western saddle for her horse so I know that is true. None the less, it was a cultural, historical difference. USA Cow hands owned their own saddle. I am not sure that was so here in UK. But in an earlier period in Tudor times it may have been true. I tuned in to a...