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    Witham Villa Riding Centre - Happy horses?

    I have ridden and hacked RS horses for the last 20 years. My ignorant observation is that RS horses stay healthy because they are well exercised. They may work for 2 or 3 hours 6 days a week. My old share died aged 23 or 24, and the Connie a bit younger but that was due to Melanoma.
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    Concerning email from my small animal vet practice

    Did the vet's organisations restrict entry? I am the mother and grandmother of three very bright Oxbridge science students. One is now a consultant surgeon. But when she was at school, the grades needed at A level to do vet medicine were far higher than to be a doctor.
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    How far would you travel to view a horse?

    I cant tell other people how to drive. But OH and I went regularly from Surrey to Suffolk to visit his parents and also on long motor journeys through the USA. Every 2 hours you need a break and walk about a bit, either in a service station or up a side road. Or at a public car park or pub with...
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    Expecting an exciting delivery...

    Shanon. I like place names for horses from Ireland.
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    Breeches! For the love of god why is it so difficult!

    My new Pikeur, though the same name as my old ones, arrived with gummy patches on them. They are smaller too. Makes one tear one's hair.
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    Overly enthusiastic hacking!

    I learned to ride in old age and much of it from Mark Rashid. He says that the horse will offer what he thinks the rider wants. If that first step of walk is too brisk, reject it immediately. Or the horse wont realise. Halt and repeat asking for walk till you get a first step in the speed of...
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    Help selling a horse....

    Me too. No jumping. I am 5ft 4 but my weight has gone up to 9.11.
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    Buy / carry on sharing or another loan??

    There is a third choice. To buy or to find a different share. Sharing with a friend is different from sharing on a contract where you have definite days. But any sharing is a 3 way relationship between sharer, owner and horse. If you like this horse, I would discuss with the owner having set...
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    Frustrated with my riding - going backwards

    As someone who learned to ride as an older adult your post is interesting because it suggests that riding can get worse and that what matters is a standard of riding that can either improve or deteriorate. Yes, one to one and lunge lessons are the ideal solution. But supposing you take a...
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    Dressage Glock's Zonik dies unexpectedly

    There is a risk attached to any total anaesthetic for a human.
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    Dismounting trouble!

    I started riding when I was over 60 and was shown that way to dismount at my first lesson after a very elderly rider slipped and fell on the cobbles at the RS. It is known as the cavalry guardsman's dismount and the Pony Club Handbook recommends that the horse is held while one dismounts. My...
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    Gait issue with gelding

    I am no expert but some Russian horses are gaited and in Anna Karenina Tolstoy uses different words for what we might think of a trot and tolt. In the early Tudor period there were still native gaited horses bought and sold in England.
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    Premature end to camp

    Sorry about your son. We have just told our student grand daughters we dont think we should walk with them tomorrow after all. Not till they are twice vaccinated. Hopefully by the end of August. We arent very logical as we go to the yard but limited people there and all with passes to enter.
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    Does everyone compete?

    Never competed at all. I love to ride alone on the horse. Though we have one rosette. Saying 1965- 2015. A gift from the lovely Ross Nye RS when OH and I rode in Hyde Park to celebrate our golden wedding. Because they were celebrating too.
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    Red setter puppy reserved!. Suggestions for an Irish linked name

    I always wanted a red setter when I was a little girl. On afternoon walks with my Nanny and pram we met someone walking a couple. I am told that I called them Purple dogs. Our own dog was a wired haired fox terrier and I would like to buy one but OH wont have it.