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    Free Dobe on NFED.

    I wish I could help, but my current doby would take much offence at having to share HIS home. Hope he finds a nice home.
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    holiday with dog...locations!?

    Couple of years ago we took my boy with us to Devon, he loved it! We stayed at Woolacombe bay in a caravan, but they also have chalet/cottage things. They provide a little doggie pack with toys and biscuits when you arrive. Right by the beach, and lovely countryside nearby to explore too.
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    First horse reccommendations needed!!

    Please explain these terms for me, it's been so long I seem to have forgotton what they are... lol.
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    Has anyone here made a 'breaking dummy'?

    We made one by sewing up a pillowcase, I can't remember what we filled it with, I think it was at least partly sand. We tied it up around the middle too. It was then lashed around the saddle with a sursingle. It weighed around 4 stone, it was only to break our donks in with so only needed to be...
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    oh dear..more bad press for staffies

    More to the point, poor sheep. I'm suprised the farmer didn't shoot on sight, all the ones I know would have done without question. There are far too many attack on livestock, regardless of breed.
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    No bad dogs only.....Scotland sheep attacked

    I'm suprised the farmer didn't shoot the dog on sight. I have a 3 legged sheep because some ***** of a woman couldn't control her dog and chased my boy for 10 minutes, biting him repeated times including through the knee. She scarpered, I'm left with an £800 vet bill and a sheep with a...
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    Yard with no winter turnout- should i run for the hills?

    I would NEVER consider a yard where there was no turnout, let alone for 5 months of the year. Just asking for physical and behavioural problems IMO. An extra 10 mins travel is a bargain in my eyes, your horse will be so much happier. I keep my horse 35mins from me so he can be out all year, and...
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    Little one went into Town... :)

    Wow, he is striking with 2 wall eyes. What a well behaved boy you have, think my boy would love walking around town. Except peoples pockets would get mugged for mints! The pics are lovely.
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    Grass livery prices?

    I pay £110 a month, includes ad lib hay (and for my shire boy thats a lot) and all food. Also includes poo picking, changing rugs etc etc so it is full grass livery the same as your pony, for almost half the price! And I am in the expensive south east! So yes, it is expensive (I think mine is...
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    Keeping Chickens With Horses? Advice?

    Yes, some chickens are stupid enough to drown themselves. They may also wander. You may also loose some to foxes. TBH it doesn't sound like a great set up for chickens, if you really want some you are better off fencing off a small area of the field and then creating a pen around their shed with...
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    How Long Does It Take You To Get To Your Yard

    I think you need to add more options! I travel 35 mins. The reason? I live in built up north kent. It's the only way I can truely get 24/7 turnout for my boy. Tried yards closer in the past (although the closest has still been 15 mins!) and have been told my grass livery horse HAS to come in...
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    HELP: Haylage = runny bum, what can I do?

    Add some cornflower to his feed everyday, will help bind him up. Old of my old boys had to have it everyday due to internal problems, and it helped a lot. Start off with a small ammount, as some horses don't like the taste, and gradually up it.
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    A question about goats!

    Sorry, realised in my last post I was talking about wormer! You will need insecticide for suitable for sheep.
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    Shocker.....Vet just been out to colicking horse & found.....

    Blooming heck! What a suprise for you. Fingers crossed the rest of the pregnancy goes okay and mumma and foalie are both fine.