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    A ‘what would you do?’ thread..

    Yes I’d loan, you could look at the British thoroughbred retraining centre as they get some in that can no longer be ridden and are offered on loan as companions.
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    Horse shopping - what am I doing wrong?

    You can get some seriously classy TBs, you just have to know what your looking at. Smart WBs that are nice people and relatively straightforward and young will cost a premium and if they aren’t advertised at such I’d question whether there isn’t something wrong with it physically (perhaps what...
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    Tokyo Pentathlon SJ

    The Korean rider rode beautifully. On the most part the men are putting the women to shame.
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    Your mental health and your horsey life

    They have affected it in both ways. They have helped significantly when I have gone through very hard times, but they have also put me in a mentally delicate place albeit the times they have helped, and how much they have far outweighs the down times.
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    Tokyo Pentathlon SJ

    I don’t think there’s any excuse for the way the majority of the riders rode. These are supposed to be the best of the best in their chosen sport, not just Tom, dick or Harry down the road. These people should clearly be working a lot more on their riding ability regardless of the fact they have...
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    Do I have grounds for a refund?

    I can’t see how you wouldn’t win in court, you bought a 14.2 specifically to SJ in pony classes, the fact it doesn’t measure in to do that surely means they have to refund?
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    Showjumping Ex-Racers competing BSJA

    I’ve never had one that couldn’t jump round a course of 1.10, and that is truly all shapes and sizes. As for conformation some are built that they could actually do any job very well, it then just depends whether they have the brain and then the correct training to reach their potential.
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    Paying for professional services

    Farrier = on the day Vets that I use for routine vacs etc won’t even come now unless you pay upfront (even if you have an emergency). Realise this seems to be the norm now but it’s certainly different to how it used to be. I can only presume they have had a lot of bad payers hence they have...
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    To sell or not to sell?

    Thanks for all the great replies - as much as it sounds like I’m not attached to this boy I actually really am. What a good idea this is - worked for me. I’m going to go against the general consensus and hold off and have a bit of fun with him and see what we can do. Basically let my heart...
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    To sell or not to sell?

    So I’ve got a really fabulous horse I really think could go far in eventing, and I’ve missed eventing! Having only had lots of youngsters or dressage types over the more recent years. Although I have not missed the expense of eventing, with training costs and entries! I’m really torn with the...
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    Sending horse away for schooling

    I disagree with those saying 2 to 3 weeks would be enough, 2/3 weeks is not enough time to correct and build the muscle so that when he returns home he won’t revert particularly with an OTTB. Obviously some horses need very little correction and can be resolved with very little effort. I often...
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    Did you know - sellers private and trade

    It’s tricky, because surely a dealer is someone buying and selling the horse themselves - if you are a predominately schooling yard but on occasion (twice a year say) are asked by a client to sell their horse does that make you a dealer, I would say it makes you an agent and I don’t know the...
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    Give me hope - awkward baby jumping

    Yes don’t give up hope. I had one who was literally god awful, if he wasn’t trying to escape out the side he was scrabbling over it taking poles with him, seemed to have absolutely no natural talent or proprioception at all. I took him Xc as a last chance saloon type of situation and he managed...
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    Loaning a horse

    I wrote a long essay and then decided it made no sense so I’d start again and try and keep it short and sweet! Has anyone ever had success loaning out their horse to stay on present yard? So loaner would have to pay the full livery fee and obviously all other costs. The horse is a very talented...
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    Racing school or straight to the yard?

    From what you have said I would just go direct to the yard