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    So what has British Eventing done wrong?

    Rackham's unaffiliated at the beginning of July has gone. Only unaffiliated being run there this year too.
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    So what has British Eventing done wrong?

    I've heard the type of rider/competitor i am being ungenerously referred to as 'the middle aged cash cow' for trainers. I like to train. I like to improve. I love to learn. I have zero competitive ambitions other than to have a good ride and to be better than the last time I went out. Training...
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    Are you cutting back on competing/training due to the cost of living?

    Ive seen a lot of venues around my way putting calls out for entries, especially on fb, which really never used to happen. Asking for pre-entries so running is viable etc. For me im just not prepared to travel any great distance atm due to fuel prices, but I am very lucky with the availability...
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    For me the biggest issue i have with many people offering their services for these things is you get the ideal world version. My horses are happy, but i am sure there are things that i could be doing better within the constraints i have (time, livery yard, cost being the main 3) but without...
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    Would you stay or would you go!?

    In your shoes Id hold out where you are for the nice summer months and pray your stables survive one more winter. Then in the depths of winter go tour the local yards and check out their fields/turn out situation/yard atmposphere etc. Having had a look at a fair few yards I dont believe what I...
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    Happy gentle falling off stories please!

    I have photo evidence of mine...the day I forgot a girth going XC schooling and attempted steps down...i just kept going. :D The other very, very funny one was when I was getting off, got cramp in my right leg when i was swinging it over, got caught on the cantle and hit the floor like a sack...
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    Am I too old to start riding (44)

    We have a sharer who gave up for 30 years and came back at gone 50 and had a weekely lesson for 6 months to get back in the swing of things. Glad you've gone for it! Have an amazing time.
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    Just a happy hacker??

    I have an older super happy hacking horse (who also does a bit of everything else) and he has had a few sharers over the years he has taught a lot too. There is a difference between sitting on a horse and 'riding' and that doesnt mean you have to perfect, but imo to be safe hacking you need a...
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    New livery yard what questions

    All the above and storage options. It very, very expensive if you can only have 2 small bales of hay at a time. Its a total pain if the tack room isnt secure/no space/not provided and you end up having to cart tack/rugs etc back and forth. Or no space for feed etc. Shared equipment or does...
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    ‘Rigid’ schooling whip recommendations

    Get a carbon fibre one. I was gifted one for xmas and its lovely!
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    Debate for the rights and wrongs of racing

    I am torn on this one, there are some things I really dont like about it, but that is true for me of all horse sports. However, bottom line is I'd probably not have my horse at all if it werent for racing. The huge amount some of these horses are worth has led to some massive increases in how...
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    Yard for rent....advise please

    And me!! On the berks/hants border seriously looked into renting 4 boxes, 7 acres and a floodlit school with good parking for nearly 1k. Would have taken it had they not decided any rodents would only be there due to the horses so would have had to be responsible for dealing with them via...
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    Yard Logistics Help…please?!

    Thats a tricky one! At our field with only one gateway we sectioned off a bit by the gateway (safer as well) and have the hay needed delivered monthly onto pallets inside here. Its then tarped and delivered to the horses in barrows by hand. However, we dont have stables so dont need to worry...
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    Where do you feels safest?

    With my horse depends on the situation. He can have a bit of a nap at nothing. Always on for those. Decreased to basically just needing a growl if he thinks about it these days, involved a fair amount of hacking backwards at one point. However, if he is genuinely afraid he has a wicked spin...
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    First weekend in April plans

    I was supposed to be doing dressage Sunday, but i feel awful and my partners covid test was positive today. Am thinking after all these years of avoiding it my luck has well and truely run out so I suspect I will be doing nothing. Good luck to all those out and about and good wishes to all...