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    Clarendon Boots

    I looked at a few older posts about clarendon boots and they seem to have mixed reviews. What is the general opinion on them? How much water do they collect? Would they be better than sweaty neoprene?
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    Tell me about your first ponies/horses!

    My first pony was Sammy the Shetland. We got him when I was 5/6 ish. He was given to us by my godmother after her son died. They had, in turn rescued him from people who didn't have a clue. Sammy was a Shetland that lived up to all the stereotypes. I used to fall off every time I rode and he...
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    How long without forage is acceptable?

    Agree with smartie
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    Bit recommendations please! :)

    Yes you can
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    Bit recommendations please! :)

    Is your Pelham a Mullen mouth or jointed? If Mullen perhaps try a jointed 1 or even try myler, there are loads of mouth piece options and can get them in a variety of cheeks
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    Bit recommendations please! :)

    Second the Waterford suggestion
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    Coolest Fly Rug on the market?

    The premier equine rug is supposed to soften up after a little use. Spoke to them at BETA and they said that they had trialled it for a year before putting it on the market
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    Fly Rugs? Recommendations

    Shires also do one with a waterproof back and neck but that's £68.99 amigo ones are close to your budget would probs fit well too but certainly not shower proof
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    Where abouts in east Sussex and what type of livery?
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    Why do we not cross-tie our horses in this country?

    Lots of professional yards do cross tie. Especially as so many have things like solariums these days.
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    Dissertation Questionnaire - PLEASE help (will only take 5 mins!)

    Done. However I look after 14 horses on a daily basis but only have 1 of my own. Felt that question was a bit random as there were no further questions really relating to horses you care for rather than own.
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    Cleaning grooming kit.....

    At work I put all the brushes in the washing machine and then the tumble dryer!
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    Winter breeches for men?

    Pikeur winter weight ones, shower proof too
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    Does your horse have a funny habit?

    When on a hack my boy will only poo in the bushes and when I'm on the yard if I'm not with him he neighs the whole time. At work one horse rolls his tounge when he's bored!
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    Zumba Fitness

    Have just dance 1,2 and 3 and got zumba dance today! Love the just dance ones lots of fun!