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    Is she too old?

    I just started driving my 11yo. I went slowly and only did what he was comfortable with, fully prepared to get professional help if I got stuck or felt I was out of my depth. In the end he was pretty easy, I only worked with him a couple days a week and was out driving on the road after just...
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    Loaning dilemma

    Does the loaner know that you are thinking of taking her back to sell on? As they may be hopping by saying they don't want to buy you will let them keep loaning and they won't have to pay up extra money. If the money is the issue for them and they would be happy to take ownership for a nominal...
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    How much to feed

    There are so many factors that it's quite impossible to tell without seeing your mare. Can you feel her ribs? How long have you had her? Has she put on or lost weight since you've had her? Has she been wormed and/or checked for worms? Grass and hay is usually plenty (and sometimes even too much...
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    Sores on tail

    He's in the same field 24hr, it's near a river but not right by water and a slight hill so not loads of midges but in the evening I have noticed a few. I think washing to get a better look would be a good idea but I was quite gentle to get a look at it, when I wash his tail I generally avoid...
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    Sores on tail

    Never seen him doing this, I would be impressed if he was that flexible! When I was trying to look he was clamping his tail down so it must be a bit sore, I'm doubtful it's been caused by excessive itching. The last couple days I spent a couple hours in the field poo picking and ragwort pulling...
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    Sores on tail

    I thought about this as he's recently moved to a field close to a river so more midges but the sores are mid to bottom of his tail rather than the top, and doesn't look like he's been rubbing much, I did notice it looked like he had rubbed it the other day but not excessively. I wondered if...
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    Sores on tail

    I noticed today my horse has these sores on his tail. He was a bit uncomfortable about me touching his tail, but stood and let me look gently while he was untied and wasn't trying to move away so I don't think it's too painful. I did notice some other scabby looking areas and his tail skin...
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    Headshaking after a sinus tumour?

    My gelding has a similar sounding tumour in his nasal cavity. In his case surgery would be invasive and not recommended by vet so I just have to monitor him and hope it doesn't get worse. Behaviour wise, he does rub his nose a lot, I don't know much about head shaking but this spring/summer I...
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    Sarcoids, pics for anyone who is interested!

    My gelding had quite a few occult/verrucous around his groin. They started becoming more nodular and weeping, I got worried but vet said apply summer fly cream and keep an eye on them. Eventually they fell off one by one. He never seemed bothered by the area. Now he has a very small nodular one...
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    Hacking out with others during covid

    "During the emergency period, no person may participate in a gathering in a public place of more than two people except—" More than two people. Two people is fine.
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    Saddle uncomfortable for me

    HM saddles are measured slightly differently to normal treed, I read somewhere at the time that they can come up large seat wise so I was dithering over whether to get 16" or 17". I actually bought this saddle advertised as 17" but turned out to be a 16", I thought I'd try make it work. I'll get...
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    Saddle uncomfortable for me

    Yes I'm sure this is happening. I sometimes realise I'm sitting twisted to to avoid discomfort. I'll be gutted if I need a different saddle as I like the flexible tree. Plus having experienced this discomfort has just made me more aware of how horrible an ill fitting saddle must be for a horse!
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    Saddle uncomfortable for me

    *warning - this thread talks about ladies crotch discomfort* I have a 16" heather moffett flexee saddle that fits my horse nicely, I am 5'6" and bum is a uk size 10/12. I generally like the saddle but I found when I ride for 1hr+ it starts to get very uncomfortable at the front of my crotch...
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    So who is going to work tomorrow?

    I have been told to stay at home (I left my laptop in the office but have been told not to come and pick it up). About half my work team have been asked to go in, I think the site will be doing manufacture of medical equipment. But won't need all the usual staff. My partner was told to stay...
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    Insurance claim confusion?

    Yes they know E&L are my insurer, they're happy to deal with them and vets are happy to be paid directly from them if they accept the claim. When I phoned vets to say the insurance would only decide on the claim once an invoice is recieved they sympathised that that was annoying!