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    From Foal to Full Grown!

    Thank you everyone. She is a fab little horse. We don't do anything too exciting, just hacking and fun rides and stuff but she is brilliant, completely unflappable. Couldn't be happier with her. I have considered having a foal from her for myself but it all depends on whether I can get a house...
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    From Foal to Full Grown!

    Hello, I have not been on here in years but just logged on as I was looking for some old photos! I saw this post when I was searching and thought I would post an update. Ava has just turned 9yrs old 💗
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    Friesian x Knabstrupper Foal

    Another update to show off my lovely girl. Now broken about 5 months and has been perfect from day one. We haven't done anything too stressful, mostly hacking, a small amount of schooling and she has popped a few jumps but she needs a bit of time to mature and balance herself up a bit before...
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    Basenji Puppies (Pics)

    Hi, sorry for the late reply, I don't check the forum very often!! I breed to keep a pup myself to show but obviously we cant just order one puppy haha! So we do let the others go (as pets) to approved homes. We are planning a litter this year but at the moment we have a full waiting list...
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    Hacking on the roads

    Have JUST starting riding my just broken mare on the roads, first time last weekend. Have no choice but to ride on the roads as not much in the way of bridle paths or off road hacking. The vast majority of people have been very good. Luckily we are in a very horsey area and I think the...
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    Talk to me about connemaras...

    I have had my Connie 20years now. Best pony in the world 😊 competed dressage, showing, bsja and eventing. Hunted. Perfect to hack. Bought him just backed from Ireland as a 4yr old. Couldn't go in a circle but would jump anything lol. Love him! He's now retired but has a home for life.
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    Am I Being Unreasonable??

    Thanks for all the input everyone. I have said that I will have to consider alternative arrangements for my horse if the shooting continues and landowner was very clear they don't want that so fingers crossed...
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    From Foal to Full Grown!

    He is stunning Bessi!!! 😮 Thanks everyone for the compliments on my Ava. I am so proud of her 😊
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    Buying a friesian

    Agree with the above. They are a breed with a lot of variety in type and temperament so research into lines is a must. I had a pure friesian mare for 6 years. Had her from a yearling, broke her myself and absolutely cannot fault her. Kind, gentle, calm. 100% bombproof in traffic, never...
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    From Foal to Full Grown!

    Could well be! Depending on the type of course, knabstruppers can be quite chunky horses. Ava's father is a proper old fashioned type so had plenty of substance so I think crossed well with the friesian. It has worked well for what I wanted in that she is a chunky girl but has the elegant...
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    From Foal to Full Grown!

    I have a few 😮
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    From Foal to Full Grown!

    Thank you all! I think we need to see photos of the other 2012 babies progress too!!! 😊 She is passported bay blanket spot. She is likely varnishing though which means she will get more and more white over the years. Next summer I expect her to be more roan 😊
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    From Foal to Full Grown!

    Sorry, stole the thread title from our favourite book lol! I was looking through my photos of Ava earlier and it is amazing how much she has changed the last 4 years. Thought I would do a thread to show her off! :D Ava was homebred - my very first foal - out of a graded Friesian mare. Sire a...
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    Mounting block.

    I recently bought a mounting block and had it made by a local carpenter as the size I wanted (extra tall!!) was going to cost about £200. Advertised on Facebook for someone to make it. Cost me £50 😊
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    Seat Savers - Gel or not?

    Hi, Looking at seat Savers and had planned to get a bog standard sheepskin one but in my online hunting I have come across the acavallo gel seat Savers. Are these better than sheepskin? More secure? Worth the extra money??? Also, what's the difference between "in" and "out"? Thanks!!