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    Hacking around Somerset

    Holcombe is trailerable to Longleat Forest and Salisbury Plain and the Mendips which all have good hacking. Stourhead area - North Brewham / Bruton / Mere etc is good as you can ride round the forest there too and there are a lot more bridleways around in Somerset than there were in Kent !
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    Wanted Whippet / Whippet x / Lurcher

    Look at the Forever Hounds website, they rescue lurchers, whippets and greyhounds, have loads of sites in the South West and are a great rescue, offering lots of support if you have issues. They often have puppies, a neighbour's rescued 3 whippet puppies from them and we had a 6 month old...
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    Retirement/rehab in South West

    Hoof Help, Long Sutton in Somerton or Harmony Equitation near Swindon could all be options.
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    Not feeding grass

    Depends on the grass really, my Cushings/EMS horse did surprisingly well when we moved to a new yard who hadn't actually built the stables they promised they would have done and had to be out 24/7 on waist high, mixed meadow, unfertilised grazing. She really suffers when on grazing with any rye...
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    Starting horses - Gloucestershire or surrounding areas

    Also Jennie Blakehill / Harmony Equitation - she's nearer Swindon though. A friend had hers started by Jason and the speed he worked at didn't suit her horse.
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    Starting horses - Gloucestershire or surrounding areas

    Adam Goodfellow / Nicole Golding are in your neck of the woods I think, they're Monty Roberts RAs. Alternatively any classical instructor could also be the right approach for you.
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    Poor Peter Pumpkin - what is wrong with the youths of today?

    Being inconsiderate and selfish seem to be increasingly popular.
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    Poor Peter Pumpkin - what is wrong with the youths of today?

    That wasn't in response to your title - more on OMFG I can't believe people that age would do that. Probably affected by the gang of youth we have hanging around in summer holidays after they leave college in town and suddenly cat and pigeon deaths / blindings etc increase exponentially.
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    Poor Peter Pumpkin - what is wrong with the youths of today?

    OMG they're not youths at that age WTF.
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    Liveries does every yard have one of these?

    When I looked round my current yard the YO told me about the 1 troublemaker but tbh she's not that bad. YO and her family cause more problems now for the liveries than the troublemaker does !!
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    Grazing a PPID horse

    The type of grass is important - i.e. what grasses are in the field, long grass is preferable and no rye grass, or minimal rye grass is what works for mine. She was out for 3 months on a field that was about waist high, unfertilised mixed meadow some years ago as I moved to a yard who forgot to...
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    Thunderbrook Feeds - your thoughts & experiences please

    Agrobs or Simple System and then Pure Feeds would be alternatives
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    So people can make their own minds up about TB feed..

    Oh wow, I'm shocked by his behaviour / comments / attitude - but who is he in the business ? I thought Debbie owned / founded TB ?
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    Should I hit the panic button?

    Wow, he's lovely, well done to Hermosa and well done to you for getting through a very stressful week.
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    Strimming nettles?

    He's a relative of my older mare then, as she does the same with nettles and thistles and has stood in front of me wrapping one leg around a plastic fence post before knocking it over and calmly stepping over the electric tape to get to the middle.