1. P

    Horse reactive when rugging

    So my 16.1 TB is usually very laid back and pleasant to be around. But he was clipped two weeks ago (hunter) and since then he’s been pinning his ears, moving away, and threatening to kick with his back leg when I change his rugs. He’s okay with them being taken off, and I can throw them over...
  2. H

    Magnetic rug overnight?

    Hi everyone. Not sure if this seems like a stupid question. I was just wondering, does anyone use magnetic rugs overnight? Pony in question is in about 13 hours at night. Also, does anyone put a light stable rug on top? thanks in advance :)
  3. A

    Back cooler for horses?

    Hi all! My horse is a black irish cob tank, and he always overheats so much across his back when we're out competing and he's tied to the horsebox without tack on. We normally put a cooler rug over his back to stop this, but when its really hot I always feel bad because its an extra layer and...
  4. S

    Stopping rugs rubbing

    Has Anyone tried the snuggy hoods petticoat or sweetitch rug if so what’s everyone’s options my poor horse gets rubbed by eveything so I’m looking for something to go under his rugs b
  5. DressageCob

    Find me a fly rug!

    I have a broad cob. Every year I buy him a new fly rug, and every year I get it wrong. So I need help! Most recently I bought a Weatherbeeta ripshield one, which has given him awful rubs, after only one day. His Amigo XL fits nicely. He’s normally a 6’3 to allow for his big shoulder, but he’s...