1. C

    Schoolmaster Showjumping lessons!!

    My horse is out of action and has been a while so looking to improve my jumping and am keen to do this on a quality horse. Can anyone recommend anywhere that does this local to Brighton?
  2. S

    XC boots for the SJ phase?

    Hi guys, Quick question.... can we use usual XC boots in the SJ phase? I am very concerned that for the SJ he has his studs in, and wearing open fronted tendon boots on a over excited lunatic may be a disaster. Sometimes it is just me at the competition and literally only have enough time to...
  3. S


    Hi everyone I am in need of a new helmet as I’ve had mine a very long time and it’s starting to feel uncomfortable. I posted a thread in here recently asking for recommendations for KEP stockists locally to me and a few people had given me advice to stay clear and mentioned some bad reviews of...
  4. S


    Hello everyone. I’m wanting to buy a new helmet soon. I’m particularly interested in KEP hats and just wondered if there was a stockist in the south east where you can go and try/have one fitted. Obviously with Covid restrictions in place and when lockdown is lifted as I don’t think buying a new...
  5. R

    Canter striding

    Hi, I’ve got a horse that will pop a jump beautifully from trot but from a canter he can’t seem to get his strides right and he either runs out or stops. I am going to take him back to pole work but I’m looking for ideas for how to help him with this, he could do trotting poles no problem all...
  6. Laurx

    Stirrup recommendations?

    Hi all, Looking for recommendations for what’s the best stirrup to buy. I‘m trying to find something that will help with lower leg stability, gives support and has good grip for general purpose and jumping? I was looking into freejumps due to the grip they offer and the safety aspect of them...