1. T

    Help with 2 year old filly

    Hi, looking for some advice and possible recommendations on trainers that have handled youngsters to give me a hand, I have 2 year old filly, had since birth as she was a surprise foal when I brought my mare, she my first youngster She been absolutely amazing with everything apart from baths...
  2. Z

    Coaching training/qualifications

    Hi I’m looking into the different coaching pathways and it seems that there are a few different options and hoping someone can explain the difference or advise on the best route. Is it best to do the BHS pathway or the UKCC pathway? From what I’ve read, you have to follow either of these before...
  3. Z

    Bitting clinic - experiences ?

    Hi, im wondering if anyone has had a bitting consultation/visit, what your problems were with your bit/bridle set up and how did you find the experience? I am looking into booking one for my yard and I'm wondering if its worth doing!
  4. FrostKitten

    Conflicting advice and information on backing

    A very brief summary of the situation, but happy to add more detail in response to any questions. My horse was backed slowly over winter, to the point of walking and trotting comfortably in the arena and had been seen by a natural horsemanship trainer earlier in the year for starting (lungeing...
  5. M

    Dressage trainer recommendations - East Anglia

    Can anyone recommend a dressage trainer who can help my friend who is now working at Advanced Medium. She has two horses one of which is having problems with flying changes. This horse and rider combination are just not getting it together and we are looking for a trainer/rider who can both sit...
  6. R

    Canter striding

    Hi, I’ve got a horse that will pop a jump beautifully from trot but from a canter he can’t seem to get his strides right and he either runs out or stops. I am going to take him back to pole work but I’m looking for ideas for how to help him with this, he could do trotting poles no problem all...