Dressage trainer recommendations - East Anglia

1 February 2010
Can anyone recommend a dressage trainer who can help my friend who is now working at Advanced Medium. She has two horses one of which is having problems with flying changes. This horse and rider combination are just not getting it together and we are looking for a trainer/rider who can both sit on the horse to assess it and give it more training/confidence and can also instruct a rider in how to achieve good results. She is a talented rider but needs more experience in ridng changes and this horse is far from easy. She is fast losing confidence in herself and wants to give the horse the best possible chance to learn. I don't know enough to be able to help beyond knowing if the change is correct or not. She doesn't have issues with her other horse and has trained another horse to do changes, there just seems to be mental block happening. East Anglia based. Thank you!