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    When do you all class GastroGuard as 'out of date', as in too out of date to use? I saw a post on facebook of someone selling some GG out of date by one year (packaging all sealed etc) - would that really be ok to use, perhaps just less potent? Totally random and I'm not in the situation...
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    Ulcers/hindgut issues and unexplained hind limb lameness???

    Has anyone ever had experience of ulcers/hindgut issues causing subtle hind limb lameness? My pony has had low grade ulcers twice in the past year and a half and treated successfully both times. He is sound without a rider but 2/10 lame right hind with a rider, worse on the left rein...
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    best balancer for ulcers???

    as the title says, i don't need one with supplement in as im adding them separately already, just a good balancer that is suitable for ulcers. any replies appreciated!!!
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    Nasty mare in the stable

    Please bare with me as this may be a long post. I have a 15.3 thoroughbred mare who I’ve owned for 4 years. Usually has been fine but has had a few medical issues lameness, field accidents and kissing spines (diagnosed in dec 19). Her behaviour hasn’t always been great as she is very mareish...
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    Help! Vets & I are baffled.

    So, In regards to my last post. Which I think was just pure worry of my new horse as I can’t figure him out at all and want to get him right. had vet call out as he started getting aggressive with my mare, they share a field together and have been buddies from beginning, eating from same blade...