Blue- Introduction + Photos


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1 March 2016
So, very exciting times today as my new pony arrived today! I've been looking for a little while now, and saw him last weekend. Having already had one pony fail the vet, I was convinced something was going to go wrong at the last minute, so I've been keeping quiet about this (in real life as well).

Blue is a 7yo gelding, with no recorded breeding, but described to me as a cob cross.

He's 14.1, fairly green in the school but forwards and safe, with a nice little jump on him! His old home had quite busy hacking and he is hopefully going to be a safe, sensible hack!

He arrived this morning, having apparently been a saint to travel, unloaded perfectly, stood happily in his stable whilst I sorted a few things out and now has gone out in the field for the afternoon.

I'm ridiculously excited, and I don't think the reality has sunk in yet!

blue stable.jpg
Blue (3).jpg