FEI suspension overturned at appeal

19 July 2010
Absolutely gutted by this news. :(

The quote below is important though I think. It sounds like people will do whatever they can get away with to win, no matter the consequences for the horse. So the FEI has to make sure that people cannot get away with these things in the first place by upping their detection of harmful practices.

“But this particular case was one of the main drivers for the development of the FEI Hyposensitivity Control System, which provides physical evidence of nerve blocking, something that was virtually impossible previously. So while the CAS decision sadly does not provide justice for this individual horse, it has resulted in a system that is already being used and which will help prevent similar tragic injuries in the future.”


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17 October 2016
Beggars belief really. There should be some sanction over the presence of Xylazine which is banned.