Hunting terms for beginners

Dave the dog

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12 July 2015
Blooding, Supposed to have been a brain wave of James 1, especially for the females first hunt, the old dog. Could have got the idea from the Celts or perhaps Vikings. Colourful and preferable to eating the beasts heart a la plains Indian and buffalo or Inuit and seal or Cossac and Bear. I suppose ketchup won't do.
On the subject of Manners and good Horseman ship, could a fine be levied for breaches of good behavior by the hunt upon participants. I'm thinking about the lanes being bunged up by horse boxes and horses and getting in the way of others who live and work in the countryside damage to ditches,fences and driveways and of course, injury to horses. Mostly I have to say, courtesy rules, occasionally yobs on horseback prevail. This would make the whole spectacle more enjoyable for all. And perhaps raise the bar for the excellence of horseman ship, something we all aspire to.


24 December 2017
Well so long as you don't call hounds "dogs" - they'll hang draw and quarter you lol
Do you know that's the thing that annoys me the most about the flipping ban and the anti's - they managed to have the Act - "Hunting with Dogs" a sure fire copperbottomed snub from the word go! I can't abide this nitpicking kind of thing.