I miss riding my horse


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26 November 2007
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I think the biggest thing you can do to lose confidence is not get straight back on with it - and with a bumped head/ dislocated/ broken limbs etc this isn't always possible.

When I fell off Frank on the road a few months ago I thought I had broken my arm: chances of getting back on were zilch. Turned out it was more my leg which had gained some of the most impressive bruising my GP had ever seen, which kept me from riding properly for a while.

Since then I haven't ridden on roads. Too lacking in confidence. But on NYE I decided I wasn't ending the year like this and hacked across a motorway bridge! Not quite as insane as it sounds as F is kept in a field next to the motorway, and has been ridden/driven across motorway bridges several times, before, including by me.

What I'm trying to say in a rambly way is don't give up hope on your confidence: in my case I'm far from over it, but took an opportune moment when he felt steady and I felt up for it: being on the spur of the moment helped as I didn't have much chance to panic much beforehand