Nix at Frickley BE Novice, Photos & Vids


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20 April 2011
Took a while to get the pro photos through as they had to process all orders online after the event so thought would post separately.

Had a fantastic and lovely day out at Frickley BE Novice last Sunday. We would have been top ten without my navigation error XC and all three phases felt very comfortable.

Photographer thinks Nix is a gorgeous horse, of course Nix has always known this and so have I ;) - inside and out.

She gets her autumn fluff q early due her ID content but chose not to clip her for Sept event this year as stuck to Novice and is better for her, living out 24 /7, if leave unshaven so she can enjoy the warm sunny days rugless (she is not a fan of any rug). Makes a sweaty horse even sweatier though during the event....however she did drink and eat throughout the day. Anxiety SJ remains work in progress, the SJ warm-up arrangment winds her up & she is an extremely reactive horse - is what makes her so good. Plenty for us both to work on dressage & SJ but we have a different horse for each phase these days which is really good. She is incredible to ride XC.

Vids and photos below

Nix at Frickley BE Novice
Some of the wonderful photos by Julia Shearwood

CCC_2744.jpg CCC_2747.jpg JEN_2519.jpg LMS11902.jpg LMS11912.jpg
2 August 2019
Looking amazing! Pictures are brilliant!

Off topic but JS does the photos at Blair and every single year they are terrible! I was desperate for a picture of Bob last year and I can't even contemplate spending money on any of them, they're so bad!