No place for live-and-let-live in an intolerant world; will hunting survive?


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15 February 2017
The sab problem in Cheshire will cease once Cheshire based hunts stop hunting fox. I live in Cheshire, and it is open knowledge in the hunting and drag community which hunts hunt fox and when.

Until the last hunt stops hunting fox, and the legal trail hunts lay trails strong enough to keep the hounds on them, all hunts in the area except the drag will still be sabbed
If you have evidence that they are hunting illegally then give it to the police. If not then what you are talking about is hearsay.

Sabs are vigilantes and have no place intimidating people by trespassing onto private land to disrupt a lawful pastime. Their actions frequently lead to the result that they purport to be trying to stop as they disrupt the hunt staff which leads to loss/reduced control of hounds which can lead to them following an unintended trail.


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30 January 2015
Yup, it was hearsay, I heard it said. A personal invitation to hunt fox on a midweek day in Cheshire. A personal friend complaining about sabs in another county, who when I asked him why they were being sabbed, laughed and said 'because we hunt fox!'. The Police know about it, they just don't have the resources to do anything about it, because it's a difficult crime to prove.