Warts - Have Vet coming out but wanted your advice too!

26 August 2005
HI all

I have posted this in the Lounge too.

My horse has recently (6 weeks) started to develop warts around one nostril, they are quite small but have increased from two to about 20 small ones.

The Vet is coming out this afternoon to look at them, now I have been given differnet advice as usual!

Some people are saying leave them alone, they will disappear within a few months, other are saying have them frozen off and others are saying I need to boost his immune system (but not knowing what with).

If anyone has had these on thier horse can they give me a bit of advice please so I can talk this through with the Vet nad know what I'm talking about.

I am very open minded on these things so the more advice the better.

Many thanks


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23 October 2003
Devon UK
If they are the virus we get here they are self limiting and will disappear within around two months or so. You can recognise them by the fact they seem to spread around the muzzle but not anywhere else.
I'm pretty sure you can get something from the vet that shifts them, but we deliberately allow ours to get them, once had they never get them again but seem immune.


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27 October 2005
A horse that I bred out of my mare, had warts on her nose that seemed to appear overnight and there were a lot of them. I bought a liquid spray called Biactol 55, or something like that, and I sprayed them every other day and within under 2 weeks, they had all gone again. She was only a yearling at the time tho. They never came back either.