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17 May 2013
Big foot in mouth moment today :oops: Went out to a BD competition, did the first test then had a short break before hopping back on for the second one. There was a lovely brick mounting block just outside the indoor arena, but just as I was about to head over to it a car drove up and parked right in front of it. There was a big lorry park with plenty of space so without thinking I said "Really?" ......just as the car door opened and a woman got out. She had clearly heard me because she said "Don't worry I won't be long, I'm going in to judge in a second." Ah. That would be the class I'm about to do. And I've just been rude to the judge. :eek:

When she'd moved the boards so she could drive into position she came out and I apologised. She seemed to take it in good humour and I wasn't to know why she was parking there, but I can't help feeling my card is marked now! I've got a very distinctive mainly white coloured. Really wish I had an anonymous bay. .... :rolleyes: