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    Top tips to keep new car clean??

    These side seat protectors are great to stop all the fluf and stuff falling down that side bit which is hard to hoover! Cheap too...
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    Pre Movement Strangles Test

    All 3 yards ive been on quarantined minimum 2 weeks, 2 asked for blood tests.
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    Miss-sold or 'settling in'

    As above, a true novice suitable horse shouldn’t dramatically change. Our lead rein welsh a didn’t seem to notice she had been moved! Toddler took her her first hack to visit the heavy farm machinery ( cause 2 year old boys do that!) didn’t bat an eye lid. If your buying something a bit...
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    How much bedding do you use a month?

    1000litres of sawdust a month. I believe local sawmill drops a truck load of it in the bay. I really like it. He’s very clean too for a big lad! this is after a whole day and night in
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    Ok help needed - how to stop unnecessary overworrying/overthinking?

    Quite often the trouble is not anxiety per se, but a perceived lack of control. Saying “ don’t worry, it’ll be fine won’t work” . If you worry about if you will lose your job and can’t pay the bills, the focus on saving money or training for a new career. The main way to reduce...
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    Horse dealer issues! Any solicitors?

    How livery is he charging you per week? It doesn’t sound like this is going to end amicably, I would be collecting horse and sending to a more reliable sales livery.
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    What are your big no nos when it comes to conformation?

    Anything that significantly weakens the horses ability to carry a rider comfortably or do the job it’s required for. I very much dislike huge bodies on spindly legs and tiny feet. Aesthetically I need them to have a handsome / pretty face 😊
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    The price of gypsy cobs in the USA

    Same with friesians. A few groups I’m on have them for $30k+ in the US! I’d love to open a cob and friesian ranch!
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    18.15 and gone to bed!

    *waits patiently for pretty pic*
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    Gaps in the Equine product and service market

    Being able to get decent rider clothing above a size 14. Not talking like 22+ or anything dramatic, but plenty of ladies have larger chests/hips/thighs which means they need to go up a size. Many of the major brands “designer” stop at a small made 14! Whilst the “plus size/average...
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    Soil licking.

    Soil licking has started here. What mineral lick is recommended, one without too many calories/ sugar?
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    What do you hate that everyone else loves?

    I love matchy matchy 😊 I don’t do designer clothes, so it’s my only fashion expression 😂 I don’t like the word hate, there’s very few things in the world I hate, I tend to reserve that word for special circumstances. So I dislike... The fascination with pulling heads in. Pony...
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    Leather headcollars

    I only use leather head collars for safety reasons, nylon ones freak me out! Just give them a wipe down every so often and they are fine!
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    Reactions that make you just think 'er, what?!'

    For the sake of a tenner and my peace of mind I’d gift her one of these. Might be cheaper than extra bolts. But I agree, should be stored appropriately for vermin concerns. We recently had to discuss with a person to dispose of a mouldy sack that had burst and spilled everywhere...
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    Any such thing as a "tough" TB??

    I’ve seen many 16.2+ tb with the substance to carry 12.5 stone. Many barefoot and living out. You would have to rug and feed most of them though.