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    Self drive horse box hire north yorkshire?

    Don't know anything about them but theres A1 Horsebox hire
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    Herbal mixes or DIY versions?

    I used to buy the clivers (cleavers) / marigold from
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    Help equestrians of yorkshire ...pontefract,upton area

    Another one to add to the list to Google - is Ledston Equine Centre
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    Invisible flash what are they?

    Another google gives you this
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    thank you
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    Agree if this was a potential purchase - would you get vet for share ?
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    I have just arranged to view a horse with shivers with the possibility of sharing. I have been told it doesn't affect him - but what should I know/ watch for. Also more generally as this will be the first tiime sharing (have had my own previously) is there any questions I sahould ask. Thank...
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    Adverts for loan horses needing work

    As someone who currently is missing having a horse (and currently unable to afford my own) and looking at shares - I wouldn't be adverse to considering one of these horses and making a relatively small contribution for this. I know I'm not a good enough rider to charge for my services - but do...
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    James Heriot musuem is in Thirsk - the latest series is filmed mainly in Grassington. Yorkshire dales is beautiful countryside
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    Dressage girth

    Dressage version of Harry Dabbs They also see a leather version for £££
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    Safety stirrup recommendations- allowed for PC?

    Don't know about PC rules - but may be worth looking at escape safety stirrups they do a classic version - which doesnt look like it has enhanced grip
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    Opinions on Waterford bits? How severe are they?

    When I first got my previous horse - he was ridden in a waterford for hacking - which I continued at first. The waterford was highly effective. However as when he got excited my hands didn't always give straight away on him coming back to me - I found it was winding him up. So ended up changing...
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    Where do you fit?

    Put previous owner - now retired from horse owing (but hope retirement is actually only an inter regnum)
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    Your future predictions of the horse world

    Although 20 years may seem like a long time - with horses now regularly living into their twenties and potentially prolonged by availability to new vet treatments; all these depressing predictions could been seen across the ownership of one horse for the aspiring "forever" owner buying a...
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    Men's full seat breeches recommendations

    Depends on what you want to spend Decathlon - a relative cheap plain grippy white - have never had of their products but understand they are good value for money. If you're...