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    tell me about Friesians please (especially IDXFresian)

    I have a 5yr old Friesian stallion and a 12yr old Friesian gelding. They are more like dogs than horses is the best way to describe them. Very people orientated, powerful and they carry themselves very proudly. They were originally cavalry horses so they are built for power. There is now a...
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    All the gear..

    Trust me, even when you think you have everything you won't! It never ends! :)
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    Retirement Livery?

    Thanks gg. Yes it's very difficult for people to keep horses into old age here if you don't have your own land, because we don't really have DIY or part livery. It is all full livery and as such you're looking at around £200 a month for an ok yard. When you consider minimum wage here is less...
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    Retirement Livery?

    Yes gg definitely, we will only cover cuts and minor injuries that can be handled with basic first aid. Anything requiring a vet would be covered by the owner. We are looking at taking about 30 horses on retirement livery, and keeping them in large fields in groups of about 10.
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    Retirement Livery?

    No if you look at my post on the left you can see I am in South Africa. Our winters are very mild (more like a UK summer) Also we get no rain in winter for 6 months, so horses can live out all year and don't need much hay even in winter. Cost wise my only costs will be £10 a horse every 6...
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    Retirement Livery?

    I am in the process of buying a new house/farm. It includes over 40 hectares of excellent grazing land so I'm am considering doing retirement livery. My question is, what would you expect from retirement livery? So far I intend to include: * Large paddocks with field shelters * Staff on...
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    Should she be used as a broodmare if she has a bad back at the mo?
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    New Horse, things arent going so well :(

    [ QUOTE ] He probably coluld do wih being seen by a back man. When he was vetted the Vet gave his back a good old poke and he didnt appear to be sore anywhere. You never know though i guess... [/ QUOTE ] Hmm def worth getting a physio to have a look at him
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    New Horse, things arent going so well :(

    That was my first thought, him perhaps thinking...hmm not liking this concentrating circling malarky! Also can you take him for a hack and try doing the same schooling while hacking (in a safe place!)...and see his reaction then?
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    New Horse, things arent going so well :(

    Could you ask someone else to ride him to see if he behaves the same way? Might also be handy to have a different view of what he is doing, from the ground. Do you think he is just protesting to the schooling?
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    Pics of the new arrival!

    Ah she is lovely!
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    A little survey

    What size horse/pony do you have, along with breed/type etc? 16.2hh Latvian WB 17.2hh ISH x BWB both med weight...11" bone. What size saddle do you have to ride the above in? Both in 17.5" What height are you (I wont be cheeky ask for weight) ? 5ft 5 What dress size are you? 10 Are you...
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    Horses in due to weather...?

    No in fact he is getting more because the others get two feeds a day, he only gets half a scoop alfa oil and speedibeet though. Lance is on his third month in now thanks to him getting very bad mudfever while I was away!! He doesnt give a toss, turned him out in the school at the weekend as the...
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    The Reason I Dislike Post & Rail

    What an amazing photo with the buttons, and what a brilliant idea!!
  15. Blizzard pull or let grow? Hmmmmm

    Pulled I would say...but im very lazy and the thought of having to brush a long thick mane isnt my idea of fun!