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    Premier Equine Breeches Sizing Q

    Hi, I have two pairs of Premier Equine, I am normally a 30 " but I ordered the size 14 and they are perfect for me, however I also ordered a different style and the size 14 was quiet a snug fit, so it really depends on the style your choosing, but they do run up smaller than normal.
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    Gelding Digging

    My gelding does exactly the same but he does it to roll in it and get as dirty as he can, we have several 'craters' around the field, I must admit they are not as deep as yours seem to be though. Even in the summer the field is lovely and flat then after a shower of rain the holes appear.
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    Gelding Digging

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    Out 24/7 or bring in

    Hi, I am the same YO says mine can stay out, as we have still plenty of grass as eating the next years hay field down ready for spring, there is some trees to the side so can get out of the wind but no actual shelter, one in work and fully clipped, one on rest so out naked no rugs and full body...
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    Out 24/7 or bring in

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    Advice needed for difficult mare

    Hi, if there are a few of you at this yard, is there another horse that doesn't mind being in on its own that you can bring in with yours when you tack up and ride, then you can turn both out again when you have finished, I have to do that with my horse's companion as she won't stay in the field...
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    Advice needed for difficult mare

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    Please watch this video.

    OMG, what stupid drivers, the roads are so much more dangerous these days, and all the riders had hi-vis on so the motorist could see them, so good on all those riders for sharing this video, I have two horse I have to ride on the road every time I hack out, and we have been lucky to have so...
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    Hacking- What do you take with you?

    Just a phone but I wish they would make bigger pockets in breeches as always have to wear fleece or waistcoat even on a hot day with a zip pocket, I also have a dog tag attached to my saddle with my phone number on it just in case horse dumps me and bogs off home.
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    Another Yard WWYD

    I had to move when owner passed away, I only had a field to use but managed to hunt every weekend, I used to clip with a generator, wash on small area which wasn't used by the horses, night before hunting horse had neck rug, and leg bandages to keep clean, I did this for 5 years, it was cheap...
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    Eye tumours and one eye horses... your experiences please!

    I have bought a horse with blindness in one eye due to two traumas, one in the lorry another with a metal hayrack, I got him relatively cheap because of the eye condition, I have no problems whatsoever he brilliant in every way, hacks out alone and in company, hunts perfectly, not particularly...
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    Turning Out after Box Rest

    when vet said I could turn out, I took my horse for a walk first, and grazed in hand while his field companion went out and got settled to eating some grass/hay, then when I got back from short walk (he was a calm horse anyway) I popped lunge line on held similar to a headcollar rope, then let...
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    Turning out after box rest.

    Hi I have just turned out my horse after box rest, it wasn't as long as yours but I started by taking him for a few walks up and down our quiet lane in is headcollar, he is very sensible but a bridle would do too, letting him hand graze, did that for a couple of days, then took him in the field...
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    My horse had been intermittently lame for over a week, took shoe off couldn't find anything, vet thought strain or twist or bad bruising, after box rest and still not right vet called in again and we found an abscess in the bulb of the heel, I have been poulticing for 1 week now and still...