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    Use of Arc Equine on Humans

    I know this thread is a month old now but I have just come across it. I have a new AE unit for myself and another for my horses. The horses are another story in itself - but in a nut shell, vet said would not jump again and last year hunted half a season and did our first BE - now done another...
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    Paddock cleaners - advice please :-)

    Hi all - I am looking into buying a paddock cleaner - the brush type not the hoover type. I need something that I can tow behind a small quad bike. The quad has its own power supply at the back for attachments so I am looking for something that utilises this rather than one that has an on board...
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    Hunter exercise.

    Brill - thank you both! He has not put too much on thank goodness and is still really muscled up from last season - I really want to get it right and be correct - so really appreciate your comments - that gives me enough to get on with :-) I want hard legs! :-) :-) x
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    Hunter exercise.

    Hi! I bought a horse who had hunted hard with the Cheshires all last season. I have turned him away for the last few weeks giving him a bit of a holiday, but am trying to figure out when to bring him back into work for autumn hunting and get him hunting fit the good old fashioned way of 6-8...
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    Bitting issues.....

    I have had exactly the same problem with my darling boy - he is a 15.3hh ID strong chunky lad. I school him in a NS loose ring verbindend - hacks out in a waterford hanging cheek, as its a bit more strong if I needed it - and sometimes hacking out I do. But out hunting he just goes off on one -...
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    Equine dentist - Staffordshire

    Thats all thats great - very much appreciated :-)
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    Equine dentist - Staffordshire

    Hi there, I was just wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of an excellent equine dentist who will cover the Staffordshire area please? We have the horses at home, just two of them so it would have to be someone that is happy to travel for two only. Thanks so much and sorry if...
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    Be part of H&H's new co-buys to grab great discounts

    Any good quality clothing and footwear = Pikeur, Ariat, Musto, Barbour - all the good stuff:-)
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    How would a German Dressage Comp horse have been kept?

    Auld is right about the trailer and horse boxes - Lorrys are so expensive over there its preventative - a friend of ours is a professional 'S' class (top level) show jumper and he only has a trailer - and many of them have tarpaulin roofs! you would shudder to see what they are transported in -...
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    How would a German Dressage Comp horse have been kept?

    Ooo look forward to the pictures - from our experience of living there with our hrses - competition horses and many others are just not allowed to have a personality so takes a while for that to come along - and they are often not used to turn out at all - so watch those windy days and wear a...
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    Cough when transition fron walk to trot

    My gelding does this and has for years - the vet says he has a small pocket in his lunges that is over stretched and does not contract - so a small pocket of mucus stays there - when we go up from walk to trot and the start of our ride he always has to get his head down and clear himself. I have...
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    Kevin Parker horse boxes

    Hi there - you would be best giving him a bell - he is so approachable - plus it will give you a good feel for what he is like - your not looking cheap and cheerful but you are looking quality without the Oakley price tag! :-) I think prices would very much depend on what you need in a box and...
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    Which CCTV?? help please!

    Hello all - I am looking at buying a CCTV system but dont know if anyone makes what I am after. I just require a couple of camera - not hard wired so would need to have batteries - and would need to be wireless - not after anything flash - just a couple of cameras to be able to just check on the...
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    kevin parker or jm horseboxes

    ID - well said, so many people want a little box to drive but still want the luxury of a 7.5 - not possible unless you carry ponies. One last thing about KP - he is as honest as the day is long - seen too many builders who cant lie straight in bed! would you trust them with your money? I spoke...
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    kevin parker or jm horseboxes

    SP - I am thinking about getting a lorry built to my spec and we went over to see Kevin Parker and have a good look at what was in build. We were really impressed! I am a fussy sod and wont put my horses into anything that I am not happy with (trailers, single wheel rear axle etc etc) the lorry...